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Monday, February 28, 2005


At around 430am last Saturday, I found myself on a bus to Batangas for a friendship climb organized by the Batangas Backpackers in Bato-bato peak in Lobo, Batangas (Ang layo pala ng Lobo! Grabe!). Around 70-75 mountaineers from different groups gathered together to celebrate Baba's (BAtangas BAckpackers) 6th anniversary.

We started our trek at around 10am and got to the campsite just before 5pm. No, we didn't trek for 7 was soooo hot last Saturday that we would stop to rest every few minutes. The trail wasn't difficult but the heat was really draining our energy! We probably hiked for about 4 hours.

Sunday morning, we left camp at 8, went through another mountain (yeah, another mountain! what an itenerary!) to get to a small waterfall whose cool waters was very much worth it!

After the waterfall, we hiked for about 45 minutes more then a jeepney brought us to Submarine Resort for some Beach fun! Perfect way to end the climb, huh?

Pictures from my very eventful weekened! (Click on the images for a bigger view)

Where are we going, again? Oh you wanna play, "Bato, bato, PICK"? Aahh, Bato (2x) PEAK! Hehe! You'll find this near the campsite.

It was a beautiful day...and a very hot one as well!

Headband twins!!!

Just some of the views while trekking

Resting after stopping to eat lunch

I. am. so. tired. This is not funny anymore.

Hey Donkeeeeyyy, ARE WE THERE YET? Huh? Are we there yet? Hehe! (ala-Shrek 2)

BJ time! (Buko Juice) My group and I stopped to rest and these 2 locals passed by and since there were a few coconut trees beside us, we asked the men if they could get some buko for us and we would just pay them. They said, "Hindi pwede magbayad. Pwede namin ibigay." Nice, noh? So that's what they did! I finished 3 coconuts, I think! Haha! We all chipped in some money to give these guys but they refused and left us. Our friend had to run after them just so they would accept our little payment.

Someone's getting a little too attached to my foot. That's amorseco for you!

And the end justifies the means. Taken from the peak. What a sight, huh?

Probably the only moment in the climb where everyone brings their cameras/digicams/camphones out all at the same time! Haha! You can't really question why, right?

*rubs eyes* Is this a dream? A natural swimming hole with half-naked men? *comes closer* Aayyy, hindi sila cute! Hahahaha! This was the little waterfall we climbed another mountain for the next day. Water was really cooolldd! Sarap!




Pretty, pretty tree stretching its branches out to the sky

What the heck are they, you say? I saw these dried corn ears hanging infront of a local's house yesterday. What they're for? Beats me.

The drink I've grown to love...a shot of gin and mango juice as chaser! Yumminess!

I cannot get over how adorable this baby girl is. I was at her mom's store buying some cookies and I saw her! So I took a picture! Look at the curious look on her face! Love it! She is now my desktop's wallpaper. So pretty!

That's about it! By the way, if you guys see me limping, please don't laugh. Haha! My body is in sooo much pain right now. Going up and down the stairs is torture and getting dressed takes forever! Huhuhuhu!

Have a productive week ahead, everyone! And hope you guys did something worthwhile during the long weekend!

Bunny @ Monday, February 28, 2005

Thursday, February 24, 2005


We should all have one. Just in case things screw up. Just in case the original plan backfires.

Like for my visa application alone, my Uncle (who is such a firm believer in contingency plans) has 3 back-up plans. (yeah, 3! Although the last one is an option that I hope I never have to take)

I am climbing Mt. Lobo in Batangas this weekend (woohoo!!!) and there's a 99% chance I am going BUT in the event that the 1% comes into play, I'm planning to swim a few laps in the clubhouse pool and go running. I've been pigging out kasi the past week. Need to exercise.

Jay thinks I should get an alternate ISP, just so I have another one I can use in case the system of the one I'm using messes up.

I'm sure all us have at least one of the following: health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, or some sort of pre-need plan. So that in the case of any mishap, *knock on wood*, we or our loved ones won't be left with nothing. Heck, we even make it a point to keep a spare tire in our vehicles!

Isn't that what they taught boy scouts and girl scouts? ALWAYS BE PREPARED.

And thats why we develop contingency plans. In every scenario, there should be a plan B. Options and alternatives have to be laid out. All because we cannot leave ourselves open to disaster, in in the event that it decides to strike. We cannot be susceptible to any kind of catastrophe.

Jay and I had a teeny weeny argument yesterday which, I know I'm exaggerating when I say this, but it left me really emotional and very scared. Although I trust our relationship enough to know that it will take more than that to get rid of each other, I was really scared I was going to lose him. I never want to.

What does that have to do with contingency plans, you say?

It just dawned on me yesterday that while I am not the most plan B-obsessed person in the world (my Uncle is and Jay comes in a close second), I know that I make sure I have a flipside or a back-up plan for the major and important stuff in my life.

Yeah, all. Except this. Except my relationship with Jay.

And that petrifies the hell out of me. Because if things don't work out between me and Jay, I don't have a contingency plan. I don't have any plan to fall back on. I don't have a "spare tire".

And the weird thing is, I know that I won't be looking for one. It will be completely futile to even attempt to look for one because I know that nothing will even come close to what Jay and I have that it can even be worthy enough to be considered an alternative.

I read somewhere that, "In no other game than love can you make all the right moves and still lose". This is not a game. But, if it is, I have a very good feeling I'm going to win it. Jay and I will.

Suddenly, not having a contingency plan doesn't seem so bad, after all.

HAVE A GREAT LONG WEEKEND, guys! We all deserve this! Hehehe!

Bunny @ Thursday, February 24, 2005

Monday, February 21, 2005


Jay: Babe, ever thought like this: "I believed in love for a while. Now I believe in love kinda like I believe in the lottery. It's always happening to someone else."?

Me: HEY I HAVE THAT WRITTEN IN MY PLANNER!!!! actually, go to my other blog and i wrote that there because i did think like that.

Jay: You mean on Wednesday, January 12, 2005?

Me: yeah! Hahaha! a few weeks before I met you!

Jay: so, your thoughts on that now?

Me: I WON THE LOTTERY! HIT THE ULTIMATE JACKPOT. I still believe in the lottery, its just that this time, I won!

Jay: You can't have??? You can't have won the lottery!!!

Me: Why not?

(Grab a barf bag, quick! Haha!)

Jay: Coz I won the ultimate lottery of life, falling inlove with you!

(More vomiting on the way...)

Me: Naaahh. I think we both won.

Jay: So we split the winnings?

Me: Yeah, we split the prize. EACH OTHER.

Jay: Aawww..that was beautiful.

(lets you guys barf some more...)

Super mushy, noh? But I am, as Charo and her colleagues would put it, KILLEEEEEEGGG!!! Hahahaha!

Bunny @ Monday, February 21, 2005


I really believe in that line.

I believe in trying everything once. If you like it, and if it's good for you, why not try it some more? I believe in grabbing the opportunity to do something worthwhile, something outrageous. I believe in getting into different kinds of hobbies, crafts, sports, jobs even. I believe in dating different types of men to find out what kind tickles your fancy (although, personally, I've gone past this stage already). Try and discover new things. Just for the heck of it. Just so you can experience them. Just so you never end up wondering what it would feel like to do them. Just so you don't grow old and end up telling yourself, "Dang! Why didn't I do that when I was more able and younger?"

Live your life to the fullest. I really believe in that.

I also believe in indulging. Nothing is wrong with that. Why deprive yourself of high-cholesterol, oil-laden food that tastes really good? It may be bad for your heart, but at the same time it FEELS good for the heart. Know what I mean? Why stop yourself from buying that sugar-loaded, I-wonder-how-many-calories-this-has-in-it chocolate cake? If it makes you feel better, go ahead. Flashback to all those break-ups I went through and all the ice cream and chocolate I had to eat to (temporarily) ease my pain. Go back to all the Crispy Pata I shared with Charo in Congo Grill. And even the 2 cups of rice Kookie and I had when we had the Sumo meal in Tokyo Tokyo! And ice cream cakes in Floyd's!!! Yeah, sure, it's taken its toll on our already humongous thighs and bellies BUT we had a blast laughing and talking while eating them, anyway. And those memories are abolutely priceless. I am also reminded of the million midnight snacks I have taken with my Dad. He'd wake me and my sisters up and we'd eat everything from Savory chicken to longganisa and chocolate mallows. Some nights, we'd find ourselves driving to Hap Chang Tea House. I would never pass up on the chance to eat with my dad, because pigging out is always bonding time. So, yes, there is nothing wrong with being gluttonous--once in awhile.

However, like a lot of other things, too much of something is just not good at all.

I had a little spat with someone very close to me this weekend because she doesn't want to go on a diet. I am under the impression that she still wants to go on a 24-hour pigging-out frenzy. After 2 operations in 2 months because of her weight problem, she still wouldn't budge. She still doesn't get it. I wish she'd be more responsible. I wish she'd love herself more by taking care of herself more. I wish she would realize that there are people who need her and who worry about her. I wish for her to tumble upon the fact that she is young, talented and that she still has a whole life ahead of her and that she really has to look out for herself, for the sake of her future offspring (OMG! I sound like my mother...). I wish she would realize that we're all going through austerity measures right now and that we want to avoid spending as much as possible. The medical bills are not cheap. And besides, doesn't she want to look good? And in the same light, feel really good?

For the record, I'm not the healthiest person around. But I do know that I'd like to live longer and enjoy my life more. I'd like to be able to live to see my children grow up beautifully, get married and have their own kids. And I dream of telling my grandkids stories about my younger years. I want to be able to live for as long as I can. I know that we're all going to die and you know what, I still believe that if it's your time, it's your time but if you can take precautionary measures, why not? Right?

I know she's going to end up reading this. I know YOU will eventually read this. And I'm sorry for all the things I said this weekend. I'm sorry if I was mean. Sorry for being a total bitch about it. I just wish you'd get it. I just wish you'd stop being so stubborn (aren't we all?) and realize that we love you and that we're just looking after you. Okay? Bati na tayo, ha?

Bunny @ Monday, February 21, 2005


Welcome my sensational (hahaha!) sister, Francine to the blogging community! Yaaaayy!!!

Aayyy, si Sunshine din pala! Haha, sorry Shobe! :)

Love you, girls.

Bunny @ Monday, February 21, 2005

Friday, February 18, 2005


Because all I've been thinking about for the past few days is Jay. And I didn't want to bore you guys with the mushy stuff.

I mean, I could have asked you if you've ever seen the inside of a tulip. The tulips I got for Valentine's opened up a few days ago and its absolutely beautiful. Imagine, its already beautiful outside, but inside...ahhh...really gorgeous. They are now starting to wilt and they've actually closed again, but they still look great. Talk about aging beautifully. I hope I am like this tulip. Hehe!

I also could have told you how ecstatic I am that after yeaarrss of searching, I finally found the DVD of "Chasing Amy". I was at Ruin's yesterday afternoon and I went from stall to stall, asking each vendor for it. Eventually, news spread around that a girl was looking for the "Chasing Amy" DVD, and a vendor suddenly approached me and said, "Ma'am, kami po merong Chasing Amy!" Bought it without hesitation. Happiness! Also bought the DVD of 2046 by Wong Kar Wai! I really love his films and I missed this one when they showed it here. And because I heard good reviews about this other movie, I decided to get a copy of "In good company" as well.

Oh did I tell you that my sister, Kristine, is in the hospital right now because she had her gall stones taken out? Cause: CHOLESTEROL. Yikes, right? I will TRY to refrain from eating fatty food from now on! And I will run more. Anyway, she's fine and she will be out of the hospital tomorrow. See, I could have written something about that, but didn't.

And yes, maybe I should have blogged about deciding to cancel all my travel plans for this year. That includes my Coron trip this coming Holy Week. And if you know me, you know that I have been planning this trip for about 3 years now. Huhuhu! I'm also postponing my plans of visiting the breathtaking island of Batanes sometime this year. Shopping will also be put on hold and gimmicks will be less frequent. Why? Because I need to set my priorities straight and tighten my already suffocating belt. I made a deal with my Uncle about really, really saving my money.

I could have blogged about all these things BUT no, I didn't tell you all that, didn't blog about that even if I could have, did I?

I haven't been blogging for days because I didnt want to ramble on how inlove I really am, on how happy Jay is making me and how I've never been so certain about anything and anyone in my entire life. And the thing is, I don't expect people to believe me or understand me when I say that, but I hope they trust me enough to know that it's TRUE.

I havent been posting because I didn't want you guys to tell me that I have suddenly turned into this mushball...because, well, I REALLY have turned into this fuzzy ball of cheesiness.

I haven't been writing because he's all I think about. And if you ever see me in a trance, which I am always finding myself in lately, its because I miss him. I miss Jay.

I haven't been writing because I didn't know how to tell you guys about my relationship. I didn't know how to tell you that my every prayer finds me thanking God for bringing him into my life but at the same time questioning why he would bless me with someone who feels soo right yet is soooo far away. And I guess the answer to that is that He really does not give us everything. He will always leave something out for us to work on. I havent written for the past few days because I really didn't know how tell you that albeit long-distance, what Jay and I have is the REAL THING. And I strongly believe that I've found THE ONE.

So there, I guess I did find a way to tell you, FINALLY. And oh, we are working things out and I am so happy to let you guys know that it won't be a long-distance relationship least, NOT FOR VERY LONG.

HAPPY WEEKEND, everyone!!!

Bunny @ Friday, February 18, 2005

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Ayoko na mag-commute, ever.

Must get car soon.

Or maybe I should really just leave this country, altogether.

Bunny @ Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Monday, February 14, 2005


According to Blaise Pascal.

I guess that pretty much explains the unexplainable:

Why I've never taken this big smile off my face. Why I have been sleeping, waking up and walking this earth with it glued to my face and my heart.

Why I am now a human hallmark card. Actually, the both of us are. We can make really good money doing this. Just need to keep note of what we say.

Why he is all I think about. day and night, night and day.(Even when I'm out shopping!!! Baaaddd.)

Why a lot of people are saying that I am emitting a certain glow and a wonderful aura.

Why you'll sometimes find me skipping and humming a tune. Haha! Seriously.

Why most of my friends are saying, "Whats happening to you!?! This is soo not be soooo mushy!!! Bring the bitchy Bunny back!"

Why I suddenly feel like, although I've been in relationships before and I know I loved all of them dearly, right now, I feel like I'm really falling inlove for the first time.

You know how some couples say they "just know"? Exactly how I feel now.

I didn't think I would be inlove this Valentine's. But I am. Sooo much more than I thought I was capable of being. And while I still believe that today is just an occasion Hallmark came up with to boost their sales, I think a little extra mush, slush and cheesiness never hurt anyone. Right?

For at least one day, lets all be optimistic, lets throw the negativity out the window! Cheer up, smile, hug everyone, give them a peck on the cheek! LOVE and FEEL LOVED! Relish in it! It's Valentine's, baby!

In whatever way, I hope everyone feels more special today. Because I do.

I mean, just look at what greeted me on my desk when I came in the office this morning?

YES! A vase full of tulips and a bouquet of pink roses with pretty stargazers! Now, I'm not very fond of roses and he knows this. I wonder, how did he know that when it comes to roses, I like the pink ones? Guess he "just knew".

Bunny @ Monday, February 14, 2005

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I had no plans of going out coz I didn't have money. Well, I HAD money but my sister borrowed my ATM, another sister borrowed money coz she didn't have her allowance yet, and I had to lend my other sister money for her medicines. By the time I finally recieved some moolah (sent by my wonderful uncle through my aunt) late in the afternoon, I had already consigned myself to staying put and passing up on all the invitations to go out.

Around dinner time, Ate Tin, who lives a block away from my house asked if I wanted to go out. Told her I was broke. Apparently, she was too. And then thats when I remembered that I had the buy 1 take 1 coupon for the Marshmallow Mocha drink in Starbucks! Coolness! So a couple of hours later, we found ourselves in Starbucks Fort (which is, I realized last night, the branch you should go to if you want to see some cool motorcycles. The riders hang out a lot here, don't they? Vroom vrroommm!). Do you know that when I was in college, I used to have the hots for Mr. Freddie Panicucci, top honcho of Linea Italia? Coz I'd see him all the time in his Harley. Hot guy! Well, anyway, thats another story.

My bestfriend, Bianca, and her boyfriend Glenn, were around the area so they decided to join us as well. An hour later, JM, Johnd and Pia (who stumbled upon this blog a couple of months ago. Small world!) followed. I even bumped into good buddies, Tine and Berns!

What fun, what fun!!!

Expenses for the night:
Tall order of Marshmallow Mocha- 110 but since it was buy 1 take 1, paid only 55 bucks for it.
Strawberry Ice at Ice monster shared with Ate Tin- 90 (split the tab, 45 each)
TOTAL DAMAGES: Php 100 (how cheap is that?!? Now, who said you can't have fun with that amount of money? hahaha!)

Anyway, here are some pictures from the night in question.


My boyfriend's boyfriend. haha! Sorry, inside joke. JM and me!

Ate Tin and me

Bestfriend since 2nd grade, Bianca and moi

Funny picture I took of Bianx and her bf. They were both in pink and check out their positions! They're like each other's mirror. Meant to be or meant to be? HAHAHA!

The camwhore at work. Hahaha!

When in heat, go to ice monster!!! I love this!

Can I just say that my boyfriend is soooo HOT?
Hahaha! Sorry, couldn't help it. Can't get over it!haha!

Bunny @ Sunday, February 13, 2005

Thursday, February 10, 2005


I'm pretty sure that I mentioned something here before about knowing that I can never find love in the form of set-ups or blind dates. I know I said that I will always believe that true, crazy, consuming love will find me in the most unpredictable place and time. That it will catch me off-guard. That it would be staring at me in the face before I even know it.

And what do you know, just when I was happy being on my own with no steady date but my friends, just when I didn't have any "object of my attention" (ya, hindi attraction--attention.), just when I was single in every sense of the word, cupid decides to aim for my heart. Bull's eye.

The long wait is finally over.

The walls have been completely destroyed.

Someone finally got to me.

I surrender. I am raising the white flag.

I'm i n l o v e. Officially and undeniably.

And man, oh man, how great and wonderful and amazing and abolutely intoxicating does this feel!!!


Bunny @ Thursday, February 10, 2005


That is the question.

I'm scheduled to go on an all girls climb in Mt. Makiling this weekend. And then this accident happened.

I really want to climb and I've been looking forward to this one, but I'm suddenly scared it won't be safe to climb Mt. Makiling yet. Whatcha think?

Bunny @ Thursday, February 10, 2005

Monday, February 07, 2005


I am still feeling overwhelmed by the changes that my life is going through this year. I've done things I never thought I would do, decided to try building my life somewhere else, gotten into something I have always been such a cynic about and now...this.

I am calling it quits. We're breaking up. I am finally leaving him. And I feel sad and happy at the same time. Like my other failed relationships, I believe that this is for the best.

I met him during my sophomore year in HS. Peer pressure, I believe, was what brought us together. I really didn't like him much. And so even when my HS friends thought he was cool to have around, I ignored him. Thought he was bad news.

College came and my love affair with coffee began. And so this guy and I got re-acquainted and surprise, surprise, I loved taking my coffee with him! I can't quite put my finger on it but he really became the best coffee buddy I have ever had. And he became more to me than just that. He was with me when I was studying for exams and during all those nights I slaved on my thesis. He was an all-around pal! Even goes with me to parties, bars and clubs and although a lot of people get annoyed by a mere whiff of his scent, a lot of people still loved him. It was either you love him or you don't. Well, I did. I could not live without this fella. Could not, would not and should not go through a single day without him. He was a necessity in my life. He relaxed and soothed me when I was tensed, nervous and petrified. He calms me. He was with me when I cried over my break-ups and mistakes. He was with me, in the best of times, and the worst. I have never been more attached.

I've never really counted how long he has been indispensable in my life but now that I think about it...woaaahh, 8 years of togetherness is a looong time. I'm practically married to this guy! Hahaha!

Today is our last day together. Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new era. I believe that I can go through this. Heck, I lasted 4 days last week without him, weekends included! Can you believe that?

It's time. Time to say goodbye. I still love him but I have to let go. Need to break free from this ball and chain. I have to fight the urge to be with him. I have to resist the temptation and the seduction of his white slender body. I know that I will miss how he tastes like, how he feels in my mouth (HAHAHAHAHA!), how it feels to hold him, how it feels to take him inside (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!), everyday and every night.

I am soooo going to miss you, Winston L. You will always be my ciggy, my yosi, my yogi, my smokey. But's not working out anymore. I still have miles to run, laps to swim, mountains to climb, babies to bear, and maybe a few other things and you are getting in the way of all that. Because you take my breath away. And I can't, I just can't take that risk anymore. Your love can kill and at the rate that I was going with you, it looked like it was going to kill me soon.

And I'm sorry if I have to use this line on you--but baby, its not you, it's me.

Bunny @ Monday, February 07, 2005


Got bored while waiting in line at the supermarket yesterday so the cam ham in me, decided to take pictures of our Super(market)Sunday!!!

Goofing around with Aina

With my cousin, Gino, who I love spoiling to bits!

With my shobe, Sunshine

With sister, Kristine. We're finally done!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Because I really did.

Bunny @ Monday, February 07, 2005

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


As if sending me flowers 2 days in a row last week weren't enough to make me happy.

As if our conversations everyday weren't enough to keep me smiling perenially.

He's totally out-done it. He is officially spoiling me. And the thing is, I already have an uncle doing this for me.

I was feeling really good today and was having a pretty nice day at work. An ordinary day, you might say. All I did was go to the bathroom this afternoon and as I was making my way back to my desk, I saw them. A familiar vision. Flowers. Yet again. And gorgeous ones at that.

I never imagined that it was possible for my smile to get any bigger. But I guess in this life, I've learned that anything is truly possible.

Co-workers teased me again:

"Bunny, next time, can you please tell him to address it to us naman. Hindi naman pwede na palagi na lang sayo..."

"Buns, may sakit ka ba? Bakit lagi ka pinapadalhan ng flowers?"

"Aren't you running out of money sending flowers to yourself all the time?"

"Aaaayyy...walang gusto magpadala ng flowers sayo, noh? Ayaw nila magpadala noh?"

"Flowers again? Ikakasal ka na ba?"

From the boys at work: "Ha? Bakit walang chocolates ngayon?"

And the card reads: Just thinking about how beautiful you are, inside and out.

Smile from ear-to-ear.

You...Mr. I'm-so-full-of-surprises. I know you're reading this. You have got to stop! Hahahaha! But thanks for being the sweetest and most thoughtful guy I have ever met!

And for making me believe--that anything can happen and that anything is really possible.

Bunny @ Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Getting DSL installed at home. (PLDT, please hurry!!!!)

The VOIP hardware that my favorite Uncle is sending. (I have a US number na!)

The box full of goodies from fave Uncle (again!) containing stuff I chose from Nordstroms and a few other stores which is arriving next week.

Oh, and he just messaged me yesterday to tell that he's sending me another suprise. When I asked him what it was, he told me I should just wait till it gets here. (Can someone say, S P O I L E D? Haha! Love you, Freddie!)

Trip to Vietnam which was moved to July.

Trip to Coron, Palawan which is scheduled for Holy Week.

My room which is currently being painted blue. (it will have a beach theme)

I will be $50 richer on Thursday, IF i can quit smoking for 1 day! (shopping!!!)

My 2 new books which I won bids for on Avalon (Lolita and Unbearable lightness of being).

Being the highest bidder on 2 other books and the auction is closing today! (A new brand world and Me times three).

Everyday is a day closer to June.

Everyday conversations with xxxxx.

Bunny @ Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


But I am finally trying to quit smoking. I'm going to start by cutting down on the cancer sticks. It might take some time but it should be worth a shot. I've told a few friends and they don't think I can do it. Well, it wouldn't hurt to try.

I'm going to quit smoking, this year.

Believe it, or not.

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title : w4rnawarni: (pink) bikini girl (Adfree) designed by w4rnawarni @ blogskins