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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


'I have to just stop being sad. And just try living again.', I told myself as I was leaving the office yesterday afternoon.

Was it brought about by the increase (albeit, not so big) I got (a raise is a raise so that's something to be happy about)? Or by the pretty good evaluation I received at work? Uhmmm...I don't think so.

As soon as I got to my room, I took my favorite book from my shelf (for those who haven't read it, I strongly and seriously suggest you get a copy) and just randomly opened it. And the first word that catches my eye is this: DETACH.

"You know what the Buddhists say? Don't cling to things because everything is impermanent."

"Detachment doesn't mean that you don't let the experience penetrate you. On the contrary, you let it penetrate you fully. That's how you are able to leave it."

"If you hold back on the emotions--if you don't allow yourself to go all the way through them--you can never get to being detached, you're too busy being afraid. You're afraid of the pain, you're afraid of the grief. You're afraid of the vulnerability that loving entails."

"But by throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to dive in, all the way, over your head, even, you experience them fully and completely. You know what pain is. You know what love is. You know what grief is. And only then can you say, 'All right. I have experienced that emotion. I recognize that emotion. Now I need to detach from that emotion for a moment..."

"When you learn how to die, you learn how to live."

I've been mopey and poignant for the past...I don't know. And it's amazing how much tears one can cry out. You think your tear ducts would dry but noooo...I don't think I've cried everyday for this long before.

I remember telling my Dad before that the nice thing about hitting rock bottom is you have nowhere else to go but up and I think I've sunk to my lowest (I was on a week-long shopping spree! And retail has never really been my therapy of choice so that's how I knew that this sadness was of a different level). And I think it's high time I climb my way back up.

Truth is, I'm still feeling a little somber. And all this is really super easier said than done. I am still worried about Jay. I miss him sooo much that the past 2 weeks without him has made me feel like I was running on empty. Kulang. Sobrang kulang. And I'm looking for other means to fill up the emptiness but nothing and no one could ever fit the puzzle as perfectly as Jay, simply because he is the missing piece.

Not being sad anymore doesn't mean I am giving up or letting go. God knows how much I love him (if only there was a stronger word than love) and call me crazy but I KNOW he still feels the same way. I trust that what we have is so strong, a hurdle like this won't let it dwindle. Besides, I know Jay wouldn't want me sad or depressed over this.

In the words of my friend, Luis, "Uy Bunny got her groove back!"

Yes, I did.

I welcome me back!

To everyone who sent me messages on YM, cheerful emails and text messages, thanks!

Bunny @ Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Case 1

Me: Hi, I'm looking for Mr. so-and-so?
Man: Who's this, please?
Me: This is Bunny from [Name of Company]
Man: Bunny? Hmmm..are you a stripper?
Me: No
Man: Are you calling me from L.A., Bunny?
Me: Nope, I'm calling you from the Philippines.
Man: Oh my gawd...Who were you looking for again?
Me: Mr. So-and so
Man: Okay. Look, Bunny who's not a stripper, I'm really sorry but you have the wrong number.

Case 2

Me: Hi, I'm, looking for Mr. So-and-so.
Man: This is he, who is this please?
Me: My name is Bunny. I'm from [Name of Company]
Man: Bunny? Like the Playboy Bunny?
Me: Well, if you wanna put it that way...
Man: *laughs*

Case 3

Me: Hi, I'd like to speak with Mr. So-and-so.
Man: Who's on the line?
Me: This is Bunny from [Name of Company].
Man: Oooohhhhh, I'd love to talk to anyone named Bunny!

Case 4

Me: Hi, I'm looking for Ms. So-and-so.
Woman: Who's this?
Me: This is Bunny from [Name of Company].
Woman: You know I called your office and looked for you and they said that they didn't have a Barney who worked there.
Me: name is Bunny.
Woman: Yeah, thats what I said, Barney.
Me: Uh..Ma'am? It's Bunny.
Woman: Yeah, B-A-R-N-I, right?
Me: It's B-U-N-N-Y.
Woman: *laughs* Oh, thats why!
Me: Yeah.... (i love you, you love meeeee....)


Bunny @ Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sunday, June 26, 2005


(Like always, click on the pictures for a larger and better view)

Here's why you guys should come to Balayan next year!

Our lechon!

Half human, half pig

Batpig! Tenenenenenenen...Batpig! (He came with a batmobile, wasnt able to take a picture of it!)

That's El Shaddai's lechon. And yes, it was dressed up as Mike Velarde (sorry, I didn't take a better picture!)

I think this guy was playing bodyguard to Hawaiian Lechon

Babe, can I give you a ride?

Caregiver lechon

It's a bird (nyek), It's a plane!!!'s a lechon in a plane!


This one reminded me of Snow White in her casket.

Don't call me, I'll call you...

When Narda swallowed the stone, she turned into Darna, the pig. (Luis, this particular one is for you! Hahahaha!)


Everyone needs to get wet...

You can't escape...

And you definitely cannot hide.

They say that you will not be blessed by St. John the Baptist if you don't get wet...

And get wet, I really, really did! What fun!!! (Sweetie, I wish you were there!)

Someone, please tell me why this woman is wearing a bra. Match sila nung lechon na katabi niya!

With my official spokesperson/PR Manager, Ninang Mabel. Everytime relatives would ask me if I had a boyfriend, she'd answer for me. And she did that countless of times. When she asked me when Jay is arriving, I said, "Well...there's been a delay..." and she goes, "Yes, I know about the accident, how is he doing?" Once again, my Ninang left me dumbfounded. "Who have you been talking to? You just know everything, don't you?", I replied. And all she she did was laugh. I love her to bits!

YA-YA! Hanging out with my aunts and grandma made me feel like I was in the "Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood". Such a crazy and nutty bunch!

The weekend was worth every pound I gained! Hehehee! I'm sunburned too, by the way. But what else is new? Haha!

Bunny @ Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I was driving my Aunt's van going to my house earlier tonight when I found myself stuck in traffic at the road before entering our subdivision's gate.

This tricycle, who came from the other side made a u-turn and tried to get into my lane and failed because I moved forward. This got him so upset that he got down from his tricycle, shouted stuff at me and banged his fist on the van's driver window. Now if he was Brad Pitt (and gawd...he did not come close to a Brad Pitt) in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he would have probably broken the window but I guess all he did was hurt his hand.

Traffic started to move and the raging tricycle driver stopped infront of me, cussed a little more and gave me the finger.

Normally, I'd give him the finger too, go down, face him and put up a fight and then I realized that first of all, he wasn't worth my freshly manicured fingernail (which are now a light shade of frosted pink). And that there was a reason why this particular person was a tricycle driver and I was not.

Now I'm not generalizing that tricycle drivers deserve to be tricycle drivers. I'm sooo not. But this particular one was obviously eaten up by his anger that he will probably die a tricycle driver and if he doesn't mellow down, he might even lose his means of living.

Wala lang, I just wanted to share and rant a little.

Have a happy weekend, people! I'm about to drive off to Balayan for the Fiesta of the San Juan. Lechon, here I come!!!


Bunny @ Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I am loving their songs because they rock. and they are sad.

The Day You Said Goodnight

Take me as you are
Push me off the road
The sadness, I need this time to be with you

I'm freezing in the sun
I'm burning in the rain
The silence, I'm screaming, Calling out your name

And I do reside in your light
Put out the fire with me and find
Yeah, you'll lose the side of your circles
That's what I'll do if we say goodbye

To be is all I gotta be
And all that I see
And all that I need this time
To me, the life you gave me
The day you said goodnight

The calmness in your face
That I see through the night
The warmth of your light is pressing unto us

You didn't ask me why
I never would have known
Oblivion is falling down

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS]

If you could only know me
Like your prayers at night
Then everything between you and me
Will be all right

[Repeat CHORUS]

She's already taken
She's already taken
She's already taken me
She's already taken
She's already taken
She's already taken me
The day you said goodnight


Matapos na ang lahat
Dito pa rin ako
Hetong nakatulala
Sa mundo, sa mundo...

Di mo maiisip
Di mo makikita
Mga pangarap ko
Para sa'yo, para sa'yo...

Ohh...hindi ko maisip kung wala ka buhay ko..

Nariyan ka pa ba?
Di ko na matanaw
Kung merong madaraanan
Pasulong, pasulong...

Ohh...hindi ko maisip kung wala ka buhay ko..

Sundan mo...
Ang pag-ibig na lulan ng aking pinagtatanto
Sundan mo...
Ang pag-ibig ko

Ohh...hindi ko maisip kung wala ka buhay ko..


And now I concede on the night
of this fifteenth song
Of melancholy, of melancholy
And now I will admit in this fourth line
That I love you, that i love you

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do

Cause tonight I leave my fears behind
Cause tonight I'll be right at your side

The clock on the TV says 8:39 p.m.
It's the same, it's the same
And in this next line I'll say it all over again
That I love you, that i love you

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do

Cause tonight I leave my fears behind
Cause tonight I'll be right at your side
Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And I will never let go, will never let go

I leave my fears behind
Cause tonight I'll be right at your side
Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And i will never let go, never let go

But still I see the tears from your eyes
Maybe I'm just not the one for you

Bunny @ Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday, June 20, 2005


Maybe because I woke up still feeling sleepy and exhausted from my weekend's events.

Plus for some weird reason, my morning coffee did not taste good.

And then when I rode the tricycle, my right sandal slipped off and fell leaving me yelling at the driver to stop (a bad case of cinderella). So the Bunny that I am, stepped off the tricycle, hopped a couple of meters away, to retrieve my shoe.

A few minutes later, I looked inside my bag and my cellphone was not there. I left it at home. Crap.

And it didn't help that the FX I rode had The Bodies' icky song, "Kiliti" on repeat (Ang sama ng last song syndrome ko...wag diyan, wag diyan...may kiliti ako diyan...) And did I mention that it was super traffic? More torture.

I knew it was going to be a bad day because while I was going up the flight of wooden stairs to the CS Department's room, I tripped and hit my knee on the edge of one of the steps. Landed on all fours. Checked to see if anyone was around to add to my humiliation-- coast was clear. Whew!

"Narinig niyo ba yun?", I asked my co-workers upon entering the room.

"Oo, parang may kumalabog.", Sam says.

"Ako yun, natapilok ako!", I answer back.

A couple of hours later, I was getting up from my chair to take a call from someone's desk and again, I tripped. This time on my speaker's wire. My speakers came crashing down.

But I think the real reason why this is not going to be a nice day is because I really miss Jay and I haven't spoken to him in a week.

I went out, drank and partied last weekend hoping to get temporary amnesia. Hoping that for one minute I could forget that it was the weekend he was supposed to arrive.

Oh well.

Right now, I am crossing my fingers, hoping that the rest of the week gets better.

Hope yours is good.

Bunny @ Monday, June 20, 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005


I love shoes. (Well, what kind of girl doesn't?)

But I love heels more. Yeah, I'm a heels girl.

If a shoe is gorgeous but if the heel isn't, I don't bother.

So I'm pretty sure you can understand why I am drooling over this pair.

It's on the top of my wish list.

Wish, because I don't think I will ever have it. It's made to measure--meaning, its friggin' expensive!

And the design company who makes them is based in Amsterdam. And I don't know anyone who's based in Amsterdam.

But Gaawwwddd, I want these soooo bad.

It's probably the closest I'll ever get to the Eiffel Tower, anyway.

Dream, dream, dream

Bunny @ Friday, June 17, 2005

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I have no desire to write.

Eventhough I know that now is the perfect time to just put everything I feel into words.

Because in the past, it has always worked that way. Writing has always been and I feel that it will always be, my outlet. This blog has always been my release.

I have always been good at hiding my tears, an art I have mastered. Even the best of my friends will tell you that they have almost never seen me cry. I don't want people to see me cry because it shows weakness. And so whenever my tear ducts cannot help but overflow, I empty them out alone, in the comforts of my own blue room.

One of the things I've always wished I could do was hide my emotions. Tears, I can disguise (like last week when the head of the tech dept. saw me crying while staring at the monitor and when he asked me why, all I said was, "I'm not crying. Just sleepy." *fake yaawwwnn*), but emotions, I have a hard time concealing.

I've been practicing it lately and dare I say, that I have actually been getting better at it. I don't think people know.

I don't think they see that I am carrying something so heavy in my heart that I cry everyday. This is worse than trying to get over a breakup. Consuming alcohol doesn't work. Climbing doesn't take my mind off it. Being in the water (swam in Anilao last weekend after the climb), which normally elates me, just makes me more sad and more pensive. I don't think they know that I have to ask God everyday what it was that I did that was soooo bad for him to do this to someone I care so deeply about. Looking at the sky, which normally cheers me up, just doesn't work for me anymore.

I bet they don't know that I refuse to open my planner because it breaks my heart to read the things that are supposed to be happening this time of the month. But whenever I do open it so I can write down things I need to remember for work, I try with all my might to be oblivious to the other things that are written.

This was supposed to be...well, the happiest moment of my life, maybe. But well...oh well. I knew there was a catch. Everything was too good to be true anyway. No relationship could ever sail sooo perfectly smooth the way Jay and mine does.

For a time it was good that almost nobody knew. For a time, it was great that I could mask the sadness and perfect my smile (according to one mountaineer last weekend, kita na daw molars ko..if only he knew...).

But one can only wear make-up for so long.

So there. I give in. I just gave myself away. There goes my little secret.

But here's another one: I haven't lost hope. I will never lose hope. Things will get better, I KNOW. I so know it.

Bunny @ Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Monday, June 13, 2005


At the very last minute, I decided to pack my bags and join my friends in climbing Gulugod Baboy (Pig's spine) in Anilao, Batangas. I was supposed to go here a few months ago with Ferdz and his group but I had to back out coz something had come up. I was a little hesitant to go but at the same time, I knew I needed to get away to distract myself and forget about my worries. And I really did not want to pass up on another chance to climb this mountain.

Here are some pictures: (Click on pictures for a larger view)

At the jump-off point

We're almost there! Walking distance lang yan!

The Campsite.

Ganda, noh?

At the summit.

You won't see a sky like this in the city...

Yoohooo, Mr. Sun! Come out, come out wherever you are!

One of my attempts at a panorama like?

*sings* Here comes the suuunnn...a new day has begun!

Good morning!

Rise and Shinnneeee!!!

Great ball of fire!

Take 5! (resting)

Bunny @ Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunday, June 05, 2005


My shobe, Sunshine, after winning the gold in the 11th National All Women's Taekwondo Championship today:

(in a very proud voice) "I brought home the ham!!!!"

(weird looks from my cousin, Dino, my friend, JM and me)

"Bacon! Bacon!", my cousin Dino immediately answers back.

And we all burst into laughter!

It's okay, Shine. Mas mahal naman ang ham :)

Congratulations, Shine!!! Whooooppeeee!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

My sister is the one in the red armor and blue helmet. Her opponent was expected to be better than her as my sister is a high yellow belter and her opponent wears a blue one. But she beat her! Sooo proud!

Image hosted by

Borrowing her medal....hehehehe!

Bunny @ Sunday, June 05, 2005


My sister, Kristine left for her dorm today. She will be staying in Novaliches during school days and will be going home on weekends.

I was in the workroom organizing pictures in the laptop and my other sister, Francine, was playing the piano a few meters away from me when she said,

"Namimiss ko na si piggy (Kristine is the healthiest in the family)!!! Bakit ang tahimik sa bahaaaayy?!?"

And then she calls Kristine on her cellphone...

"Kumusta room mo diyan?"

"Eh yung bathroom mo?"

"Yuck! Maliit lang? Baka parang dog cage ni Tashi?" (Francine, wala naman dog cage si Tash ah...)

"Sino roommate mo?"

"May tv ka?"

"O sige, wala lang, namiss lang kita, wala na kasing maingay sa bahay eh!"

I wanted to laugh out loud but decided not to. Sweet na sana, kaya lang nang-asar pa siya. Hehehehe!

Bunny @ Sunday, June 05, 2005

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Whenever I would get asked if I have a province, I would always say that No I didn't have one coz I was born and raised in Manila. But that I had relatives in Samar and Batangas.

My Angkong is from somewhere in China...or was it Taiwan? My A-ma is from Lipa, Batangas. My maternal grandmother is from Catarman, Samar and my maternal grandfather is from Balayan, Batangas.

I have never been to Samar. I remember that as a kid, I would be envious of my cousins who would get to travel with my Lola to Samar to spend the summer there. When they got back, they would always tell me about the nice beaches they went too and all the seafood they ate. I once asked my Dad if I could go too but he wouldn't allow me.

All our helpers who I fondly called "Yaya" were from Samar. And I would pick up Bisaya words from them. I remember sitting with them as they were about to have dinner once and saying, "Nano ang inyo igsura?" (Whats your ulam?) and "Kan-on pa?" (Do you still want rice?). I remember the helpers laughing and acting all thrilled coz I was learning to speak the dialect. Later on, I would learn to say other things such as, "Mabaysay ako" (I am beautiful) and "Kabara mo!" (You are ugly).

My dad heard me talking in Bisaya once and he got a little upset. Said something about being worried that if I acquired the accent, it would ruin my diction. Of course, as a kid, I didn't know what the hell he meant by that (now I do). But still, I know it was not reason good enough to deprive me of going there. Well, it was Papa's thing, I guess. And because he was the major decision maker in the family, I had to obey.

I stopped dreaming about going to Samar especially after the helpers told me stories about half-human, half-bird monsters calls "Wakwaks" who would roam the province every night in search of children who were sick and did not want to go to sleep. They also said I probably wouldn't like it there because there was no electricity from 8pm until the next day.

Batangas, is a different story. Because it is only a few hours away from the city, my family and I would visit our relatives here once in awhile. I don't really remember much of Lipa as I recall going there only once to visit my A-ma's siblings.

My cousins, parents and I used to travel to Balayan during June each year to attend the Fiesta of the San Juan. The annual fiesta in Balayan is known for the "Parada ng Lechon" where countless number of roasted pigs would be costumed, decorated and paraded around town. Whats cool about this is, the lechon is actually for everyone. And prepared to get wet, wet and really, really wet throughout the day because dousing anyone with water is part of the festivities. And don't even get me started on the food! Almost all our relatives in Balayan live in only one street. And it is expected that you visit each house whenever you are there. And it should come as no surprise to get offered to eat at each house. I remember saying "No, thank you" once and my dad said, "Anak, sa susunod, wag ka tatanggi kasi grasya yan. Tsaka baka ang sabihin nila namimili ka ng kakainin."So since then, even when I am offered to eat at friend's houses, I remember my dad telling me that when people offer you something (as long as its from people you trust), accept it, because they are blessings from God.

After, I think, almost a decade of not going, I finally went last weekend. The thought of visiting had haunted me for weeks. And so last, last Friday, at the very last minute, I texted my Aunt and asked her if she wanted to go to Balayan and spend the weekend there. Her reply was, "Ok lang. Bakit? Anong meron sa Balayan?" I said, "Wala lang. Visit lang.". (On our way back to Manila, she said she was really surprised that I thought of going to Balayan)

The truth is that I wanted to really get to know my family's roots. I no longer wanted to be the girl who would go to family gatherings and hardly know anyone because I was not close to my relatives or because I was too shy to talk to them. Take for example what happened at my cousin, Grace's wedding last April, where I had to be introduced to my other cousins. Here I am, 26 years old and here are my teenage cousins who I am meeting for the very first time. I remember thinking, how I could let the years pass without even getting to know them when they only live 2 hours away from me?!

So we spent the weekend in Balayan and man, it was fun! It was a 24-hour pig out session for me and my sisters. The food would just not stop coming! Hehehee! I also got to know my Aunts and Uncles (some of who I have been calling Lolo and Lola. Only found out a few days ago that they are my Uncles and Aunts. They must soo hate me!).And I actually have a nephew! A nephew by blood! All the kids I consider my nephews and nieces are sons and daughters of good friends.

There is my Auntie Celia who gave me 2 jars of my super duper favorite "Kalumpit". I was still an adolescent when I last had them so you can just imagine how long ago that was. You will not find any of it in Manila. Kalumpits are berry-like fruits, kinda sweet and a little bitter at the same time. They are yummy. A website listed them as one of the underexploited fruits of the Philippines.

There is Auntie Merla (formerly known as Lola Merla, haha!) who constantly asks about Jay (Auntie Celia comes in a close second). I like her because she seems a little groovy.

Auntie Aurora (another formerly known as Lola, who I thought was my Lola caring's sister, turns out she is my mom's cousin!!!) who looks a little grumpy but is actually really friendly. Had a little talk with her Sunday morning about my Mom and she amused me with stories about my mom's life in Chicago.

There is the very quiet Auntie Loheng who always just smiles at me. And my Uncle Berting who thought we were cousins (Noooo, I'm your niece!!!). We had to analyze the family tree just to figure out if he was my Uncle or cousin. (Hey, at first I thought he was another Lolo!).

There is my cousin, Edwin, who I will try to befriend so he can show me his farm. There is Uncle Lito who I would like to drink with soon (mukhang manginginom eh!).

I know that there are a few more that I forgot to mention. Well, I have my entire life to get to know all of them.

I still can't seem to pick up how to use the "ala-eh" and the "nga" which Batangenos are famous for. Maybe a few more visits should do the trick. Hehehe!

I am heading to Balayan again on the eve of the 24th for the Fiesta. I'm really excited! Pig-out fest (pun not intended) and wet t-shirt contest, anyone? Hahaha!

I have learned that it is never too late to get to know your relatives. My mom has always told me that you can't rely on anyone else but yourself. While that still holds very true, I believe that when the (pardon my french) shit hits the fan, and you have no on else to turn to, your family will always be the first ones who will go all out to help you. And it wouldn't hurt to be close to all of them. The more the merrier!

I may have lost a couple of important family members last year but I am gaining more this year, not only because I am starting to get to know my relatives but also because of the arrival of 2 babies, my aunt's in July or August and my sister's in October. God is not only replacing what was lost, he is also giving me a second chance to discover what I missed out on.

My name is Bunny, born and raised in Manila and no, I dont have a province. What I have though, are provinces: Balayan, Batangas and Catarman, Samar (which I am planning on visiting once my schedule lightens up).

Let me end this with this cute quote: "Families are like fudge...mostly sweet, with a few nuts." Hehehe!

And that's really what we are: sweet and nutty!

Hope you guys have a great weekend with your respective families! :)

Image hosted by

Treated everyone to breakfast at Bag of Beans in Tagaytay before heading to Balayan

Image hosted by

At a cousin's birthday party

Image hosted by

Like I said, the eating would not stop. The lomi was really good!

Image hosted by

With my Auntie Merla

Image hosted by

A pregnant-looking me (its the top's fault!) and Auntie Celia

Image hosted by

Francine, me and Sunshine goofing around

Image hosted by

I love Kalamay!!!

Image hosted by

Thou shalt never leave Balayan without.

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Semiprecious chain earrings by Cynthia Dugan
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