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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Nicked from Unica Hija

1st time you tried smoking:
2nd year highschool, marlboro menthols.

1st alcoholic drink you had:
oohhh...Asti Martini (or was it Spumante? Naahh, it was Asti Martini)...age 9, if I recall correctly.

1st time you entered a bar:
2nd year highschool...equinox. (Yuccckk, baduy!! *full of shame*)

1st award you received:
I don't know...wonder if I got an award for being accelerated in Kinder?

1st hero:
My Lolo Ben. I just loved him.

1st time you were sent to the principal:
Was never really sent to the principal for violating school policies. I think that the very first time I was sent to the principal's office was during my entrance interview in Assumption for 1st Grade.

1st college entrance exam you took:
La Salle ata.

1st teacher in college:
Oh Gawdddd...whats her name. She was my Botany professor.

1st job:
Flight attendant for a domestic airline

1st goal you achieved:
I dunnooooo

1st crush:
Mickey S. He lives on the street at the corner of my house. I remember riding the same school bus with him in grade school and a few times a week, he'd be in his soccer uniform..and maann, he was just so cute!

1st person na binigyan mo ng flowers?
My first teacher..Sister Angelica. My first school was only a few blocks away from the house and everyday, while walking to school, I'd pick flowers for Sister Angelica. I know what you're thinking...kiss ass, huh? Hehehe!

1st date:
Ack! Ewan!!!

1st friend:
My next door neighbor, Albert (who goes by the name Stephen now)

1st kiss:
like on the lips? It was a dare...his name was Robby and yes, I had a crush on him.

1st movie you watched with a friend:
My memory isn't that good.

1st fight with a friend:
The real serious one? When we were adolescents, my bestfriend, Bianca and I had a major crush on this guy, Mark. Eventually, I found out that Bianca calls Mark and pretends to be me and when Mark comes to the phone, she'd hang up. So to clear things up, I called his house and his mom answered and the mom told me to stop hanging up everytime Mark gets to the phone and I had to explain to her that the reason why I was calling was to make it clear that it wasn't me who made those calls and that it was Bianca. I refused to talk to Bianca for a looonngg time after that. We're still bestfriends now. :)

1st gift you received from a friend:
Can't remember.

1st gift you gave to a friend:
Can't remember this either

1st record you bought:
Hehehe! The little mermaid soundtrack ata.

1st song you sang infront of many
Hhahahaha! Never!!!

1st musical instrument you learned to
Piano. My mom forced me to learn. I despised my teacher.

1st concert you watched:
OMG!!! Introvoys. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! And I remember drooling over Paco Arespaco-whats-his-face-chaga. Gaaaawwdd, I am sooo ashamed!!!

1st celebrity you saw in person:
Syempre local. Kring kring gonzales with her sister (whats her name again?) and their mom while shopping in Greenhills. Kid pa talaga ako nito!!!

1st TV show you really liked:
My mom said I loved Sesame Street as a kid. I still do love Sesame Street. But the show that I really absolutely loved as a kid was Small Wonder. Remember Vicky? the robot kid? I loveeeddd that show!!!

1st book you bought:
Nancy Drew.

1st sport you played:
Wasn't into any sport as a kid.

1st sleepover:
My college bestfriend's house. Yes, college! My parents never allowed me to go to sleepovers (why would I sleep in other people's house when I had my own house naman daw. Boohoo!) and the only reason why I was allowed this time was because we were working on our thesis.

1st terrible fight:
I'm sure it was with my sister, Marby.

1st prank:
Not very fond of pranks.

1st inaanak:
son of my dad's secretary.

1st time you spent the night alone:
A lot of times, when I was still renting.

1st bestfriend:
Johanna. We met in 1st grade. Don't know where she is now.

1st wedding you attended:
My Tita Ninang's...I was this chubby flower girl.

1st person who greeted you on your last birthday
Jaaaaayy!! (miss you, Sweetie!)

1st friend in friendster:

1st time you got lost:
dang! I dont know!

1st cellphone:
Analog cellphone pa na microtac. the flip phone.

1st cellphone ringtone:
ring ring? Hehehe! How do you expect me to remember?

1st collection:
stamps. geeky, i know.

1st club you joined:
Science Club, 2nd grade

1st time you felt proud of yourself:
getting accelerated!

1st time you saw a ghost:
in Baguio, a very very long time ago.

1st rollercoaster ride:
Believe it or not, Enchanted Kingdom. And I only did it because my friends forced me to. I used to be scared of rollercoasters but not anymoorree!!!

1st school you attended:
Sacred Heart School

1st friend you had when you entered college:
Joanna P.

1st ambition:
to become a nun. SERIOUSLY. Hehehehe!

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