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Monday, February 21, 2005


I really believe in that line.

I believe in trying everything once. If you like it, and if it's good for you, why not try it some more? I believe in grabbing the opportunity to do something worthwhile, something outrageous. I believe in getting into different kinds of hobbies, crafts, sports, jobs even. I believe in dating different types of men to find out what kind tickles your fancy (although, personally, I've gone past this stage already). Try and discover new things. Just for the heck of it. Just so you can experience them. Just so you never end up wondering what it would feel like to do them. Just so you don't grow old and end up telling yourself, "Dang! Why didn't I do that when I was more able and younger?"

Live your life to the fullest. I really believe in that.

I also believe in indulging. Nothing is wrong with that. Why deprive yourself of high-cholesterol, oil-laden food that tastes really good? It may be bad for your heart, but at the same time it FEELS good for the heart. Know what I mean? Why stop yourself from buying that sugar-loaded, I-wonder-how-many-calories-this-has-in-it chocolate cake? If it makes you feel better, go ahead. Flashback to all those break-ups I went through and all the ice cream and chocolate I had to eat to (temporarily) ease my pain. Go back to all the Crispy Pata I shared with Charo in Congo Grill. And even the 2 cups of rice Kookie and I had when we had the Sumo meal in Tokyo Tokyo! And ice cream cakes in Floyd's!!! Yeah, sure, it's taken its toll on our already humongous thighs and bellies BUT we had a blast laughing and talking while eating them, anyway. And those memories are abolutely priceless. I am also reminded of the million midnight snacks I have taken with my Dad. He'd wake me and my sisters up and we'd eat everything from Savory chicken to longganisa and chocolate mallows. Some nights, we'd find ourselves driving to Hap Chang Tea House. I would never pass up on the chance to eat with my dad, because pigging out is always bonding time. So, yes, there is nothing wrong with being gluttonous--once in awhile.

However, like a lot of other things, too much of something is just not good at all.

I had a little spat with someone very close to me this weekend because she doesn't want to go on a diet. I am under the impression that she still wants to go on a 24-hour pigging-out frenzy. After 2 operations in 2 months because of her weight problem, she still wouldn't budge. She still doesn't get it. I wish she'd be more responsible. I wish she'd love herself more by taking care of herself more. I wish she would realize that there are people who need her and who worry about her. I wish for her to tumble upon the fact that she is young, talented and that she still has a whole life ahead of her and that she really has to look out for herself, for the sake of her future offspring (OMG! I sound like my mother...). I wish she would realize that we're all going through austerity measures right now and that we want to avoid spending as much as possible. The medical bills are not cheap. And besides, doesn't she want to look good? And in the same light, feel really good?

For the record, I'm not the healthiest person around. But I do know that I'd like to live longer and enjoy my life more. I'd like to be able to live to see my children grow up beautifully, get married and have their own kids. And I dream of telling my grandkids stories about my younger years. I want to be able to live for as long as I can. I know that we're all going to die and you know what, I still believe that if it's your time, it's your time but if you can take precautionary measures, why not? Right?

I know she's going to end up reading this. I know YOU will eventually read this. And I'm sorry for all the things I said this weekend. I'm sorry if I was mean. Sorry for being a total bitch about it. I just wish you'd get it. I just wish you'd stop being so stubborn (aren't we all?) and realize that we love you and that we're just looking after you. Okay? Bati na tayo, ha?

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