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Thursday, November 04, 2004

You guys are probably sooo sick of my Raymart stories...but I'm not. And I want to create a log on my Raymart stories. They make me smile. Hehehehe!


I was supposed to go to a friend's net cafe near UST last Friday afternoon but didn't know how to get there from my house. I'd ask my roommate but she was in Baguio. And then I remembered that Raymart works near UST so I texted him and asked him for directions. He called and explained the easiest way to get there but reminded me that it was traffic and that maybe I should consider leaving later at night. He also said, "I might go out with my friends tonight but if our plans don't push through, I'll bring you to Espana na lang". I told him he didn't have to, hassle pa for him. The only thing he said was, "It's an offer, Buns. I'll text you at around 6 or 7 if I can bring you or not."

I ended up going to Charo's place instead to hang out. Later that evening, he texted to tell me that he's not going out with his friends anymore and that he can bring me to Espana if I'm still going. I didn't plan on going to Manila anymore but I was dying to see him. Charo suggested that I ask him out. That kinda freaked me out. I'm torpe. I'm scared that he'll say No. But then again, no guts, no glory. So I replied, "I'm not going to Espana anymore but if you have nothing better to do, do you want to join me and sila Charo for coffee or drinks tonight?"

I put my phone away. Told Charo to read the message when he replies. Was too scared he might say "No" kasi. But he said, "Sure, I can go!" I literally jumped and did my version of the dance of joy after reading the message. Charo was laughing so hard.

We met him at Katips. He did the magic trick for Charo and did a few more card tricks using a deck of cards we bought. After Katips, Charo and Jovan went home while R and I had coffee at Starbucks whilst teaching me the card tricks he did earlier that night.

SATURDAY- We were texting each other and I mentioned that I really want to catch up on my writing but I can't seem to find anything meaningful to write about. He then said, "I'm going out for coffee later to study. You wanna join me? You can catch up on your writing while I ready and study." It sounded like a really good idea so I obliged. He picked me up at 2pm. Went to Starbucks in Metro Walk, sat on the couch and we were galit-galit for a looonng time. It was the longest we have gone without speaking to each other. He looked so cute and nerdy in his glasses and for the first time, I noticed how buff his arms were (you were right, Charo!). The better to hug me with? hehehe! The whole time we weren't talking, I kept on wondering if my presence was distracting him the same way he and his bright orange physiology book was distracting me. I loved how I could be comfortable with this guy in silence. There would be so many moments where he would catch me looking at him and I'd catch him staring at me. We'd just smile and go back to whatever we were doing. Until finally, he spoke:

R: how are you doing?
Me: I'm writing crap!
R: Alam mo, isa lang solusyon diyan...
Me: what's that?
R: yosi tayo?

So we left our books and notebooks inside the cafe and sat outside to smoke and talk. Later on, we discovered that we share the same passion for anything that's cookies and cream. And how Rocky Road was our first love when it came to ice cream. And how we both love munching on boy bawang (its garlic flavored cornic that you can buy from small sari-sari stores)


We moved to Chicken Inasal for dinner and I think it was after discussing Pugad Baboy's characters (Brosia is our favorite!) that I asked, "What's the most baduy term of endearment that you've used?" He laughed and turned beet red. I cracked up when he finally told me. Sobrang baduy! It's soooo freaking baduy that I'm not going to tell you guys what it is to save him from embarassment. But to give justice to it, he used it in HS pa with his first gf and there's a story behind the nickname. He asked me the same question and I said, "Lovey and Dovey. I was Lovey." He laughed and said that that was also baduy. I answered him by saying, "Pero admit it, winner pa rin yung term of endearment mo!" After dinner, he looked at me and suddenly blurted out, "I'm happy". I laughed and said, "Why? because of the really yummy dinner we just ate?" he said, "yes!" and laughed again. Now, I don't know what to make out of that I'm happy statement of his but it kept my spirits all the more ecstatic. Then we had ice monster. I had strawberry, he had mango. It was his first time to try it and as we were ordering, I kept on assuring him that it was good. He super trusts my taste daw so he's sure he's going to love it. And he really, truly did.

Left at 9pm coz I had to go home to Paranaque and he and his family were leaving for the cemetery that night. He texted a few minutes after he brought me home: "It was fun as usual. Good night and Take care driving to pque, LOVEY!ÜÜÜ" To get back at him, I started calling him by his baduy term of endearment.

The next morning in the middle of texting each other, I said, "Just for kicks and so I have something to laugh about whenever you text me, I'm seriously thinking of changing your name in my phone to [insert his baduy T.O.E.]. His reply made me laugh, "Haha! I actually already changed your name in my phone to bunny lovey". Should I get kilig? Maybe not. But I did!


We went out for coffee again monday night with my roommate and another guy friend. We closed Starbucks at 2am. He was worried that I wasn't going to wake up at 5am in time for work but I gave him my word that I would. After texting him goodnight, he texted back,

R: Do you want me to give you a wake-up call at 5am?
Me: That would be nice but ONLY IF you're still awake by that time. Otherwise, no na. Don't hassle yourself.
R: Don't worry, I will be awake.

And at 5am, he woke me up. And we spoke for a good 10 minutes. After ending the call, I turned on the TV and it was tuned in to MTV. Guess what video was playing? "Beautiful Day" by U2. And I remember telling myself, It's a beautiful day, indeed!


I got home early from work last Tuesday and went straight to bed. Woke up to R's text at around 1030. He had just gotten back from the cemetery with his family. Informed him that I had just woken up and that I slept for a good 5 hours and that God knows what time I'll end up feeling sleepy again. I really discourage myself from sleeping immediately when I get home from work because that would mean waking up at an ungodly hour and being up till late and because I slept late, I'd end up being groggy the next day at work.

R: Do you want to go out for coffee?
Me: I'm not sure if I want coffee. Actually, I don't know what I want right now, hehe. But sure, let's go out.
R: Great! I'll be there in 30.

Half an hour later, we were together and we decided to have a couple of drinks at the new Pier One in Ortigas. I had just finished telling him about this guy I dated for a year and even went to Boracay with. And how that "relationship" mysteriously never blossomed into something more. As in no holding hands, not even beso. He said he's convinced that the guy is gay. I explained that I learned a very valuable lesson in dating that man: Never expect. Assume nothing. Because some guys can act like they really like you even when all they're after is friendship or companionship.

R: So you mean to tell me that even when a guy is already investing so much time with you, you still won't think he likes you?
Me: (to self: is he telling me that he likes me?) Yup!
R: As in even when he spends so much time with you? You still tell yourself he's just being nice?
Me: (to self: is he really trying to tell me he likes me?) Uh huh.
R: Grabe ka naman. but then again, I guess that's...safer for you.
Me: Exactly. Kasi what if I really like the guy na, and he makes me feel that he likes me too pero hindi naman pala. I don't want to be devastated. It's better talaga to expect nothing. I really just go with the flow until he actually tells me na, "Hey, I really like you" or something to that effect.
R: So how do you know if you like a guy?
Me: (to self: is he fishing for clues if i like him?) Haha! Gawd, I turn into a dalagang pilipina. At least, thats what my friends tell me. Coz with my guy friends, I'm really malambing, like I hug them BUT when it comes to a guy I like, I'm soo torpe. As in. But yun nga, I go with the flow. I don't hold back. I'm spontaneous in a way.
R: You don't hold back? what way? *smile*
Me: Hahaha! Hoy! Not that kind of spontaneous noh! Sleazy ka ha!
R: Hahaha! I was just kidding. But what do you mean by you don't hold back?
Me: Most women follow dating rules. I don't. Rules like, a guy is supposed to ask you out at least 3 days before the date. If he doesn't, don't accept. In simpler terms, be unavailable even if you are available. You have to give the impression that you're a busy woman and that you have more important things to deal with than dating this fella. Even when deep inside you, you can't wait to go out with him again.
R: Oo nga, bakit nga ganun yung ibang girls? I was dating this girl before and one time I asked her out, she said she couldnt leave the house but I saw her in Glorietta that night. Weird. So you're not like that?
Me: I told you, its like a rule of some sort. The thing with me is, I believe in moments. When something is offered to me and I like it, I grab it. Because one of the worst things in the world is spending the future thinking about things that you had a chance to do but didn't. I hate "What Ifs", I try not to have any of those. That's why I jumped at the chance to climb, because I might not be able to do that anymore when I'm old and gray. It's like not going to a friend's birthday party and everyone was there and they all had a blast. And when you meet your friends, they can't stop talking and raving about the party and it sucks because you're the only one who can't relate coz you weren't there. You missed the chance, the moment, the experience. And even when you actually go to the next party a friend throws, it just won't be the same as the one you missed.
R: Haha! That's true, Buns. I know exactly what you mean.

We moved to other topics after that. I had just gotten back from the restroom when he said...

R: Bunny, I'm so sorry!
Me: Huh? Why? What happened?
R: I kept you up so late.
Me: It's early pa naman tiba? What time is it?
R: 330am! And you have to be up for work in 2 hours! Nagui-guilty ako!
Me: Hahaha! It's okay. I'm not even sleepy yet. Besides, it was fun noh. Bilis ng oras ha.
R: I know! Time flies when you're having fun. I'll wake you up again later, okay?
Me: Don't na if its hassle lang.

We dropped by a convenience store before going home. I bought cigarettes for him and me (naubos kasi sa Pier One) and he bought iced tea for himself and soya milk for me. And of course, he woke me up. I had 3 cups of coffee yesterday to keep myself up. I was yawning every 15 minutes. But that's okay, because I'm so happy. No one can rain on my grand parade. No one is capable of pissing me off. Nothing can dampen my spirits.

And he asked me if I could go out with him and his med friends this weekend (yeah, i think it's this weekend) and I said yes.

I'm honestly scared. Because I'm waiting for a catch. A glitch. There's got to be something. Or maybe I'm just being a cynic.

Oh by the way, his name is Jun. (junior eh)

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