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Friday, November 05, 2004


Decided to take a power nap at 7pm last night. I was surprised that I was still capable of sleeping after having 4 cups of coffee at work. So you can pretty much imagine my shock when I woke up 4 hours later. Power nap my ass. Texted Jun and told him that I fell asleep and that I just woke up. "Ngak! You'll be up till the wee hours of the morning na naman niyan!", he said.

I didn't reply na and a few minutes later, he called. After exchanging hellos and how are yous and telling each other things we did that day (as if we weren't texting each other the whole day),

J: I'm going out for coffee. Do you want anything? Coffee? Kaya lang you had 4 cups na today eh! Basta let me know what you want, I'll bring it there na lang.
Me: Uhh, hmmm...I'm not shaking pa naman so pwede pa yan! Haha! where are you getting coffee?
J: Starbucks. O, what do you want?
Me: Why can't we just have coffee in Starbucks?
J: I thought you didn't want to go out?
Me: I never said that I didn't want to go out. I didn't go with Aina (my roomie)tonight coz she was going to meet with our friends for drinks. And I don't want to drink muna.
J: lang to pick you up in 20?
Me: Yep, i'll get dressed na. See ya!

Headed to Starbucks Metro Walk again. While ordering, I blurted, "Oh gawd, it just occured to me. I haven't had dinner yet. But I'm not hungry naman." He asked me if i wanted anything, but I really wasn't hungry. He kept on asking if I was sure and I repeatedly said yes.

We talked, laughed, and closed starbucks again. I told him I suddenly felt hungry and we headed to Tapa King just before 2am. I don't think I mentioned it here before but we had this one conversation about our weird food combinations. Whenever I eat Tapa, I smother the tapa with ketchup and I pour vinegar all over it. He, on the other hand, mixes bagoong with suka whenever he eats danggit. He can also eat rice mixed with ripe mangoes or banana. Blech. When he saw me do my ketchup and vinegar thing with the tapa, he decided to try it for himself under the condition that next time, we will have danggit and I have to try his suka and bagoong combination. Fine. He tried it and he said it didn't taste as bad as he thought it would be.

He's really a sweetie. Very maalaga. I got 2 sets of utensils for our food and he took them from my hand and started wiping them with tissue. While eating, he noticed that I didn't get a drink. I told him that I'm just getting water and what do you know, he got me a glass himself. I think it goes with the fact that he's also the eldest child.

Nearing my house, I asked him if he wanted to smoke a cigarette first before I go inside my house. "i was about to suggest the same thing", he said. Aina and her bf had also just arrived when we parked so the 4 of us smoked together and laughed at Aina's BF, Jello, coz he was obviously very tipsy and he almost tripped.

He left, I went to bed. But couldn't sleep. After texting him to thank him for inviting me for coffee and for making me libre at tapa king, our succeeding goodnight messages went like this:

J: I really enjoy our talks. Sana you can rest and sleep na. Good night and sweet dreams, bunny lovey.
Me: May i just say I'm glad you enjoy talking to me because the feeling is mutual. I think its cool that we like a lot of the same things. You're like my male version!
J: Hahaha! Its so refreshing when I talk to you. It's like talking to myself, only prettier.
Me: Hahaha, nambola pa 'to. Sige na nga, talking to you is also like talking to myself only cuter, smarter and much better at math and science. Sincere yan ah.Ü
J: Bwahaha! Thanks! We do think alike. Bolera!
Me: Eh bolero ka din eh. Good night, [insert T.O.E.]
J: Good night, bunny lovey Ü

Now, everyone is saying he really likes in romantically. But why, oh gawd, whhhhyyy is there a big part of me that thinks he's only after friendship?

I'm not inlove yet. Super in-like lang talaga. But I know that 3 or 4 more fun dates with him, and I'll be


like crazy.

Scared ako.


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