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Friday, October 29, 2004


Was with Raymart again last night. We hung out at a gas station in Ortigas Center. We were there at 130am and we left at 630am. He had coke, I had coffee. We smoked. And did a whole lot of talking.

The more time I spend with him, the more conversations we have, no matter how completely philosophical or utterly mundane and the more I get to know him, the more in-like I get. This is bad. So bad. Charo actually wants to start counting how many times I've said the word "happy" and "i like him!". I've only known the guy for 11 days and I've been out with him for a mere total of 5 times. But I'm gushing like a high-school girl who just got asked out to the prom by her crush.

And may I stress this very important point, I AM SO NOT ON A REBOUND.

Friends have been telling me to hold back, to say "I'm sorry, I'm not free" the next time he asks me out. But it's never been my style to hold back because I'm so petrified of what I would end up missing out on if I do. And it's not really my fault if I really am free whenever he asks me out or when we make plans, right? And he is such a fun person to be with. So NO, I will not hold back, I will go with the flow. Even when K thinks its not a "flow". She says that it's a raging river or a dam. And I should be the beaver who puts some logs in the dam. Hahaha!

Last night, I mean, this morning, was spent talking about our past detail. He's had 7. 4 of them were long-term, 1 lasted for 3 weeks (a very funny story that I refuse to blog about) and the other 2, he says, happened a long time ago, during his younger years with girls he just played around with. At least he admitted to being a player..before. Guys normally don't come clean like that.

He found out that I loved writing. Told him that I'm not really that good but its been my way of releasing a lot of pent-up emotions since I was a kid. And I made the very big mistake of telling him that I've been keeping an online journal for the past 2 years. That got him sooo interested. And of course, I didn't tell him where he could find it. Of course, he said he was going to look for it and that he will not rest until he finds it. I highly doubt he'll ever find this. I don't know who I was trying to convince: him or myself. He asked for a clue. I said, the online journal's name has the name of my favorite flower in it. And that No, it's not a rose. He says I don't look like the type who would like roses. Good.

"Do you know that you're my first blind date?", he said.

"Really?", I inquire.

"Yup. I'm happy you turned out to be who you turned out to be because otherwise, I would have ended the night after dinner. I never would have asked you out for drinks after. When I got home that night, I realized that I've never met anyone who can talk about food as much I can. It was really refreshing to meet you."

"Hahahaha, that's nice!", I say.

We talked about our grandparents. I told him about how much my Lola spoiled me and found out that his Lola on the other hand, never spared him the rod. I was telling him about my Lolo's magic tricks when he mentioned that his dad also knew magic tricks and that he can perform some of them.

And he did 2 magic tricks using my 25-cent coin. Fooled me. Ang galing. Promise.

"Wow! Promil child! Gifted! Doctor na, chef na, magician pa!", I tell him.

At around 6am, a girl and a guy who obviously worked for a call center occupied the table beside us. Girl was wearing a black skirt and get this: black, knee-high, high-heeled boots. I stared at it for 2 seconds, then started at R. And we burst out laughing. I asked him, "Are we laughing about the same thing?". He whispers, "boots?" and then we laugh even harder.

We had to leave at 630 coz his car plate ended at 9 and it was a Friday. He had to be out of the road by 7am.

I'm still not expecting. Still not hoping. But I'm happy and smiling. And that's what's important naman, tiba?

Flow, flow, flow...

Bunny @ Friday, October 29, 2004

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Who didn't fall inlove with Before Sunrise? I know I did.

My sister and I saw Before Sunset (the sequel to Before Sunrise, obviously) yesterday and waaaaaahhh!!! It's so so so so nice and nakakakilig! But it's still nakakabitin, though. Watching this movie is like watching a really great date before your very eyes.

The whole movie is just talk, talk and talk. My sister and I want to download the script nga eh. But i doubt we'll ever find it online.

And I could totally relate to celine and her views on love and how she never recovers from any of her relationships because she will always miss something about a person. Because everyone is different. And how she always finds little details to love about a person, like how Ethan Hawke's moustache would turn a shade of red when the sun hits it. And how she has evolved from a romantic to a numb person because she's so tired of not being able to recover from loving people. And I laughed out loud in the theatre so many times. Love love love the witty remarks. Haaaayy, so so nice. Please watch it.

And the song Celine sang during the latter part of the film was so nice. (Can somebody please start counting how many times I've used the word, "nice" for this entry alone? hehehehe!)

My favorite quote from the film:

""Memory is a wonderful thing, if you don't have to deal with the past."

So true.

Bunny @ Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


R said that he'll be done with work at around 11pm so I expected him to pick me up at around midnight. But midnight came and I still had not heard from him. At around quarter to one, my phone finally beeped. He had just gotten out of the OR. Super toxic daw what they had to do to the patient. And he's pissed because the patient arrived late. And would it be ok if we resched for tomorrow night, if I'm free, because it's late.

Na-sad ako. But I told him it wasn't a problem and to keep his cool. And to take care going home.

We were texting the whole time he was on his way home. He said his dad hitched a ride with him na daw and that they're both drained from the operation. He also texted me when he got home. A million texts later and before I knew it, it was 3am. He suddenly called and he made kwento about his patient who was supposed to have her upper eyelids done lang dapat, but ended up having her lower eyelids and nose done as well. That's why it took them so long to finish. Later on, I heard a car engine running so I asked him:

Me: Hey, are you on the road?
R: Uhh, yup!
Me: Where you going? Don't tell me you're out looking for coffee?
R: haha! I am!
Me: wala ka nang mahahanap na cafe at this time noh! meron siguro carinderia but all they'll be able to offer is 3-in-1 coffee so you might as well go back home.
R: Meron yan.
Me: You can try starmart. they have brewed coffee there. they also have those nescafe vendos that sell lattes and cappucinos.
R: Ah talaga, sige.

And then i heard his engine stop.

Me: O, you're parked na? where'd you end up going?
R: I'm at a mini-stop.
Me: ah, the always reliable mini-stop.
R: Buns, they have hershey's hot chocolate here. What flavor is good? You choose ha: dutch choco, choco raspberry or french vanilla?
Me: Definitely French Vanilla.
R: Okay I'll take your advice and have that.
Me: Great!
R: Bunny, can you come down in 5 minutes?
Me: WHAAAAAATT?!?!?! hahahahaha! where exactly are you?
R: At the mini-stop near the gate of your village.
Me: hahahahaha! You're soooo crazy! Ok, i'll stick to my pajamas ha. we're not naman going anywhere pa, are we?
R: No, we'll just be here. I'll be in front of your place in 1 minute.

(Admit it, kinilig kayo noh?)

So at around 330am, we were sitting at the steps of the building right beside my building having hot chocolate. And smoking in between. And laughing. Me in my pajamas and him in jeans and a white v-neck shirt. We talked about the worst things we ever did and tried our best to justify them. He also asked me about my Marinduque trip and I found out he was scared of boats. Basta, we talked about anything we could think of. We saw the sky turn from pitch black, to a dark shade of blue, to little streaks of orange and yellow. At 6am, the sun was so up and we decided to split.

As he walked me to the front of my building, I said, "Hey, this was so fun! thanks ha!"

He goes, "Mauulit, mauulit. Good morning, Bunny."

I said, "Good Morning to you, too! Wow, this is different ha. we usually end with good night eh"

And we both laugh.

It's been awhile since I last did something as spontaneous as this. It feels good. And incredibly, wonderfully nice.

Bunny @ Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Monday, October 25, 2004


If you're still not sick of how kilig I have been the past week, read on:

I was leaving for Marinduque Friday night and he wanted to bring me to the terminal but just before 9pm, he texted me and said that he was still working on someone's eyes (nagpalagay ng folds) so can he just see me when I get back?

I was supposed to be back from Marinduque Sunday night. Sunday afternoon, while I was lying down in a sarong under the shade of a tree, he texted:

R: I'm in Starbucks now getting a latte.
Me: Uy, I could really use a latte right now.
R: Haha! When do you get back?
Me: Tonight at midnight.
R: Ok. There will be a latte waiting for you when you get home tonight.
Me: Haha! Seriously? Haha!
R: OO! haha!
Me: Sige, I'll be expecting that latte, ha?
R: haha! No problem. I'll see you later.

Kaya lang, after a couple of hours, I found out that we won't be able to make it back to Manila by midnight and that we would have to stay over at Marinduque until 6am the next day. Bad trip noh?

So to make up for not seeing him last night, we're going out for coffee tonight. Excited! Was talking to JM, the friend who set us up awhile ago and he said he was with Raymart Saturday night. According to R, i look like his ex-gf. Is that good or bad?

Bad, if he's still freaking inlove with her OR if he's sooo traumatized by this ex of his. Good, because at least I don't have to worry about him not being physically attracted to me.

Usher's song, "You Remind Me" comes to mind right now. Sana that is not the case. Ahuhuhuhu! Shet, i like him talaga eh, (Lord, please dont let him discover this blog. At least not until he's in the bag! HAHAHAHA!)

I'll blog about Marinduque in the next few days but I do have to start by saying that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Its the perfect little town. Promise. I can't wait to go back.

Bye guys, I have a coffee date to prepare for and I'm going nuts just thinking about what to wear! It has to be an outfit that spells I'm-already-pretty-so-I-dont-have-to-really-dress-up-because-its-just-coffee pretty. Shet.

Bunny @ Monday, October 25, 2004

Friday, October 22, 2004


Was texting with Raymart yesterday afternoon. He's taking the boards this Feb so he studies every single day. Yesterday afternoon, as I was lying in bed, planning to take a nap, this conversation via text happened...

R: I'm on my way to Greenhills to meet with my study group. And then I'm going to Ortigas to have coffee and catch up on my reading.
Me: Okay! Go study na, i don't want to be a pest.
R: Feel free to pester me anytime! By the way, do you want to have coffee with me later?
Me: Pwede. I'm not doing anything naman.
R: So I'll pick you up at 7?
Me: 7 sounds fine. See ya!

I hugged my pillow tight, squealed and wiggled like a worm being tickled to death. Kasi, kinilig talaga ako.

I just had one very slight dilemma. In truth, 7 didn't sound fine. I thought we were going to have coffee at around 4 or 5. I had made plans with the girls to meet for dinner and drinks at around 8, so that left me with 2 choices: Be with R for an hour or so and ask him to drop me off where I'm meeting the girls OR ask him if he would like to come with me and my friends.

Of course, I opted for the latter.

And he agreed to come with me! To meet my friends! HAPPY!

When I met him in front of my building, (yes! he actually gets out of his car and waits for me right outside my building! Some guys will just wait for you to get in the car) he was wearing glasses! And I don't really have a good explanation for this but I have a thing for men who wear glasses. I really can't explain why. And when I saw him, standing there, with glasses on, I said to myself, "Shit, plus 1 million pogipoints for you!".

Asked him about the glasses and apparently, he just uses them whenever he reads. We decided to have dinner at the same area where I was meeting the girls. I thought it was just Charo and Kookie who were arriving but Jovan joined us and Alexis, another funny friend followed. Now, i knew beforehand that they would have something to talk about because they came from the same HS and College but 2 seconds after I introduced Jovan and Raymart, they both asked each other, "tiga-ateneo ka tiba?". How cool is it that they're from the same batch in HS?! It's a small world after all.

Last night was a blast. Everyone was laughing. Thanks to Kookie's walrus act (bwahahaha!), Jovan's Feng Shui story (winner talaga yung red horse) and Alexis' future surgery and his new not-so-wholesome-anymore image.

On our way to his car, I thanked him for coming with us and asked him if he got bored. And he said, "No. I had fun! Saya kasama ng friends mo. Next time, hihirit na ako." I said, "Talaga? Sincere ba yan? There's a next time? You'll go out with us again?". "Yes I will", he said.(Sana hindi ako na-obvious na I like him noh?)

After that, I made another note to myself: DO NOT EXPECT. DO NOT PUT YOUR HOPES UP. HE'S PROBABLY JUST BEING NICE.

And on our way home, the girls texted and told me that they all liked him.

Sana lang talaga he likes me too.

Honestly, I can't help but think that he does. I mean, we've been together 3 days in a row...that's never happened to me. No one's ever wanted to see me for 3 consecutive days. That's a good sign, right? But still, I shall not expect. I will go with the flow and take things one day at a time.

Got home at around midnght and slept at around 130 because we like asking each other questions before going to sleep. It was my turn to do the asking last night--"Whats your biggest flaw? Hindi physical, ha." Will keep our answers to myself.

Woke up this morning and there was a good morning text from him waiting for me. Just the normal, have a wonderful day text. And he told me to have a happy trip.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, I'm leaving Manila tonight. Going to a friend's island in Marinduque and will spend the weekend there. Time to bask in the sun again. Coolness!

Gawd, i hope he never reads this blog.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And thanks for all the comments.

Bunny @ Friday, October 22, 2004

Thursday, October 21, 2004



I don't know why my left dimple is showing as I type this. I'm also pretty sure I have twinkles in my eyes. Shucks, ang cheesy pero my gawd!!! I never thought I'd say this again....I HAVE A CRUSH!!! I feel like I'm in highschool again.

I was talking to my very good guy friend John D. yesterday, telling him about how wonderful my date with JM's friend went.

John: Did he text you na?
Me: Not yet. Oh no, he doesn't like me noh?
John: It's only 12noon! Ano ka ba?!?! Don't you know the 3-day rule?
Me: What 3-day rule?
John: If you don't hear from a guy 3 days after your date, it means he ain't interested.
Me: Gawd, have I not been in the dating scene for that long? I don't know about this rule, ha.
John: Well, you were with L for 3 years so yeah, you haven't been in the dating scene FOR THAT LONG.

But guess what, he texted me!!!

He wished me luck on my job interview and he told me to take care.

My story doesn't end there.

*pause for a kilig moment* eeeeekkkk!!! Ok, I'm ready...

After my interview, I decided to meet up with JM in Greenbelt for coffee. Little did I know that he was with his business partner who also happens to be Raymart's (yeah let's call him Raymart muna) brother-in-law.

So there they were, 2 very, very inquisitive guys asking me about my date with Raymart. All I could manage to give was a big smile and say, "He's really, really nice." Still, they wanted details and I told A, the bro-in-law that he should ask Raymart himself nalang.

Then JM tells me to text Raymart to tell him that I'm having coffee with them.

Me: You'll never guess who I'm having coffee with
R: Let me see...GMA? haha! JM!
Me: Yup! But guess who else?
Me: Bingo!
R: Ingat ka, chismoso yang 2 yan!
Me: I know! They've been hounding me with questions about last night. I told them to ask you na lang.
R: Oh no! A's not the only person at home who's going to barrage me with questions tonight.
Me: Then, i suggest you lock yourself in your room.
R: Trust me, that's not going to work.

We texted for the next hour, he asked me how my interview went and told me that he's in a cafe near his place studying again and that my text message was such a welcome break from all the reading he's been doing. He also said that we should have coffee soon, for a change. *insert kilig moment again*

We met up with John D a few minutes after that. Now, I was supposed to hitch a ride with him going home but JM and A suggested that we might as well have dinner in Greenbelt and have a couple of drinks before heading home because it was really traffic. And that A will bring me home na lang since I was on the way naman. John had to leave because he had an interview in QC but called us 15mins later to tell us that his car broke down a block away from greenbelt.

So there I was, with 3 guys (John had to reschedule his interview), having drinks at Oody's. I was in the middle of my second bottle when this guy in a gym outfit pops up from out of nowhere. It was Raymart!

Me: Hey, what are you doing here?
R: Came to join you guys for drinks!
Me: Where did you come from?
R: Badminton game
Me: Where'd you play?
R: Marikina!
Me: Far ha! Buti hindi ka na-traffic?
R: Galing nga eh! 30 mins lang travel time ko!

And he brought me home.

And in the car on our way home, he started asking me about my past relationships and I started asking him about his. Something we have in common: all our relationships were long-term. His longest was 4 years, mine was 3.

And as he walked me to my building and said good night, (Yes! He really gets out of the car and walks me to the door. Nice noh?) he said that he hopes we can have coffee soon. I go, "Yes, we should! We've been drinking too much na!" We both laugh.*insert kilig moment here*

Got home at midnight. But slept at 2am. Because we were texting. *insert kilig moment again* Haha!

I'm still not putting my hopes up. Its too early to tell. But I really like him. He's so so so nice and funny talaga.

Bahala na si Batman.

Bunny @ Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Guess who's started dating again? hehehehe!

I was soooo nervous and uber tensed before the date that I had to call my friend who set us up so I could calm down.

My date and I have been texting since last week and he seemed like a really funny guy. At around 645pm last night, he texted me:

Date: Hey bunny! I'm on my way, I'll be there by 7. I hope you're not too dressed kasi mahihiya jeans ko sayo. I can be your bodyguard na lang.

Me: Hay naku, I'm wearing my prom dress. Kidding. I'm also in my jeans so we can just both look for someone who needs bodyguards.

Date: Prom dress??? Medyo underdressed ha. hahaha!

Me: I hope you didn't forget to bring my corsage.

Date: I didn't. In fact, I'm worried it might be too big for you.

Me: Hahaha! Kulet. See ya in a bit!

This has got to be the longest date ever: 7 hours. Believe it. We're both really talkative so we talked and talked and talked the whole night. But most of the date was spent talking about food which we both have such a passion for.

He looks like Raymart Santiago only he's taller, with fairer skin and he's more buff (which is good because I don't look fat beside him. hahahaha!). And he used to climb!!! How utterly cool is that?

I don't know if there'll be a second date coming up. He did text me after he brought me home and said that he really had a wonderful time and he hopes we can do it again. I don't want to put my hopes up, you know how some guys are. If he doesn't ask me out again, that's fine. I can always charge it to experience. But I really had a blast!

And did I mention that he's a 29-year-old plastic surgeon? Interesing eh?

Bunny @ Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Monday, October 18, 2004

I'm depressed.

Buti na lang I have such good friends.

Buti na lang I climbed Mt. Sembrano last weekend. It helped me take my mind off things.

Its a Monday again. A work day where I'm supposed to be at work but I'm not...

I'm so depressed.

And I don't want to talk about it.

Bunny @ Monday, October 18, 2004

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


(like always, feel free to click on the pics to get a bigger picture)

Mt. Natib located in Orani, Bataan; 1, 287 meters above sea level

Climbed the highest peak in Bataan last weekend! This has got to be the longest, most difficult yet most fun climb I have ever been.

I don't have time to give a blow-by-blow account as to what transpired so I hope you guys don't mind if I just post pictures. (Mas gusto niyo nga yun eh!)

At the registration area near the foot of Mt. Natib

Walking distance lang yun!

This area is called "pinagbutasan" because of the hole in the wall. Right behind us is the summit of Mt. Natib hiding in the clouds

Definitely not my most fashionable outfit, hehe. Stopping to rest and take pictures. The breathtaking view and the cooling wind during the first hour of the trek makes you forget about exhaustion

The steep ascent to the summit is probably my favorite part of the climb--because of the rock walls! We had to pass through 2 low walls (about 10-12 ft. high), another very slippery and difficult low wall and one very high one (about 20-25ft, I'm really not sure). I had a blast rock climbing and I'm seriously considering making another sport out of it. Montalban, here I come!

We were at the summit by 9pm, took us about 4-5 hours to get there. Not bad, really. We even got lost for a few minutes and had to take a back trail.

My new Pest Friends
I have finally come face to face with limatiks aka leeches (Natib is limatik-infested. As in they're everywhere!!!). I used to be soooo scared of them but they don't hurt. You won't even feel that they're already there until you see a part of your body bleeding with a worm-like creature attached to it. Doesn't hurt, really. In fact, its better to not pull them away from your skin if you see that you're bleeding and that they're already fat from the blood coz when they're full, they'll just stop and wiggle away. These guys are so sneaky, they can penetrate through your socks, pants and shirts. Got bitten by 3 of these creatures and the one on my toe is actually starting to itch just now.

The Day After

Just before leaving camp

I love love love my experience in Mt. Natib. So many firsts for me:
-first time to get bitten by a limatik
-first time to rock climb (i soooo love it!)
-first time to go to Bataan
-first time to get totally drunk in a mountain!!!
-first time to do number 2 in a mountain, too. (HAHAHA! Too much info!)
-first time to actually not feel exhaustion even if the the climb took really long.

Basta, I had loads of fun and for some weird reason, I felt physically stronger during this climb. Does that mean I'm getting better at this? Yehaaayy!!!

Bunny @ Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Thursday, October 07, 2004


There is a reason why I don't watch the local morning shows. Aside from the fact that none of them are actually good (I'm so sick of hosts asking their callers to sing the new Viva Hot Babes song, "Kikay"), the news depresses me. Some are gross. Some are trying too hard to be funny. Some are just plain meaningless. Some even make me cry.

Like the ones I caught this morning: a 6-year-old shot to death by a neighbor and a 9-year-old raped by her Stepdad. And the clincher: she is now pregnant. (I know. Pregnant.) (I know. 9-year-old!!!)

I think the whole point of a morning show should be to encourage everyone to look forward to a beautiful day. Its a fact that 99% of people are cranky in the morning. We're sluggish. We don't want to get up. We hate our alarm clocks. We want to stay in bed longer, but can't. And the last thing you want to see and hear about, first thing in the morning, when you turn on the TV, are stories about kids being killed and abused or a bunch of drunk people ending up killing each other because someone accidentally bumped someone, or something as utterly shallow as that.

So that's why I don't really watch the local morning shows.

And that is why I only watch 3 shows in the morning: MTV, Channel V (because I sing along and sometimes, dance to the music. hehehe!) and my ultimate favorite: Globe Trekker (which starts at 7am, everday). Actually, there are 4 (If I still catch Conan on Etc when I wake up).

Speaking of Globe Trekker, they're looking for a new in Asia!!! And it's really my dream job and I think I would do a good job being a travel host. Kaya lang, I need to submit a 3-minute video of myself introducing a favorite travel destination of mine. I was planning on doing the video during my next climb (which is I don't really know when). But it's due on the 11th. And even if I go climbing this weekend, which I actually might, there's just no time. Shuuccckksss!

Anyway, have a great morning, everyone!

Bunny @ Thursday, October 07, 2004

Monday, October 04, 2004


Mikee is my 7-year-old nephew. We're not really related but because his mom, Ate Tin, and I have known each other ever since I was around 9 or 10, we're all pretty much family already.

After the fashion show last Saturday (which was a great success, by the way), my friend swung by for me in Shangri-la and we headed to Mikee's Birthday party. Party ended at around 9. Was in Ate Tin's room trying to take a nap when I started talking to Mikee, who is very much capable of carrying an adult conversation.

Me: Hey Mikee, do you have a new girlfriend?
Mikee: Not really.
Me: What do you mean, not really?
Mikee: I'm not sure she likes me.
Me: Who's the new girl?
Mikee: Christina. She's real pretty.
Me: How come you're not sure she likes you? Did you ask her?
Mikee: Yes I did. She said, "Maybe".
Me: O...see? Maybe is better than No.

Later on....

Me: Mikee, guess what? Tita Bunny doesn't have a boyfriend anymore. You wanna help me look for one?
Mikee: uhmmm...okay.
Me: Do you have a cute male teacher who's not married and who doesn't have a girlfriend?
Mikee: Yes, Mr. Navarro.
Me: You wanna tell Mr. Navarro that you have a pretty tita who he can date?
Mikee: I could...but I don't think you're Mr. Navarro's type.
Me: Why do you say that?
Mikee: *points to my scar* Coz you have that in your forehead. He doesn't like girls with scars.
Me: But I got this when I was still a kid! I'm sure he won't mind.
Mikee: But Mr. Navarro doesn't like girls with pimples. And you have one right now.
Me: It's just one pimple that's about to go away. I'm going through a break-out cycle right now.
Mikee: Naaaahhh. He doesn't like girls with long hair.
Me: I'll cut my hair then. I've been wanting to cut it, anyway.
Mikee: Uhmm...he doesn't like girls with dimples, Tita Bunny.
Me: But dimples are cute. What does Mr.Navarro look like anyway?
Mikee: He has red dots on his face.
Me: Eeewwww...i don't like him anymore.
Mikee: I can set you up with our principal.
Me: Isn't your principal a priest?
Mikee: *laughs* How about our assistant principal? He's got blond hair and blue eyes.
Me: Hay naku, you're making this up na lang eh. Don't you want to find me a nice boyfriend?
Mikee: You know Tita Bunny, you should just wait.

And Mikee goes back to playing with his cousins. And I hug him tight and shower his face with kisses.

And I think to myself, "This kid is sooo right."

Bunny @ Monday, October 04, 2004

Friday, October 01, 2004


I was making party hats yesterday afternoon. The models will wear them in the last part of the fashion show on Saturday. When I finished, I decided to clean my planner. Was taking out stuff, mostly sheets of paper, reciepts and old payslips when I stumbled upon the sheet of paper I used to write my Lola's eulogy.

It was the same sheet of bond paper I held while I read it in front of friends, family and strangers. I've never cried like a baby in front of so many people before. I've never shared so much pain with as many people. But it felt good because while my tears flowed, I learned to let go of the woman I loved so much. And as I cried, a lot of people did too.

You'd think that after 9 months, I'd be completely over it. I'm really not. This is way worse than the worst break-up I've ever had. I miss my lola so much. There was something very comforting about just her being there. I miss her kakulitan. I think I got my stubborness and my being sooo kulit from her. Gawd, I miss Lola.

Wala lang. Yun lang.

Bunny @ Friday, October 01, 2004

Today is the birthday of my bestfriend and my worst enemy: My Mom.


I sooo want to talk about my mom right now but I'm leaving the office in a few minutes for a fashion show rehearsal. Will do that some other time when I have a lot of time on my hands. Have a wonderful weekend, everyoneeee!!! Ciao!

Bunny @ Friday, October 01, 2004

I'm the type of person who always needs a book. I feel stupid when I'm not reading anything, but that's just me.

I'm not a big Judith McNaught fan but because I was so desperate to read a book, I'm currently reading McNaught's "Whitney My Love". Please, please, please don't scoff at me! My sister and my roommate said that whether or not I'm a fan, Whitney my Love is a must-read. Fine. Let's give it the benefit of the doubt. Let's not knock it till we've tried it.

I've been lugging the book wherever I go for about 2 weeks now and I'm not even halfway through. It just doesn't interest me. Thanks to, I will have 2 new 2nd-hand books (with great reviews) to read by Saturday afternoon. Got "Feeling Sorry for Celia" and "A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing", which UH just finished reading and has been raving about.

Yahoo, yahoo, yahooooo!!!

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