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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Got this link from Cecil, who I met for a few drinks last night. Had so much fun, girl! Hehehehe!

I don't really know how true this is but here are my results, anyway:

You are a RSIT--Reserved Sentimental Intellectual Taker. This makes you a Archetypal Older Child.

You are a hard nut to crack. You have a wicked sense of humor. Despite your reserved nature, you are more comfortable (and successful) in the meeting and courting mode than you are in a long term relationship. You feel misunderstood, and usually you are.

When you're in a good mood, you're funny, fascinating and a sexy firecracker, but when you're in a bad mood you are moody, broody and impatient. In courtship mode, you don't have to let anyone see your moody side. If you had your way, even in a long term relationship you would have enough time apart to deal with your bad moods yourself; unfortunately, it rarely works that way.

You stifle *a lot* of anger and frustration -- from all areas of your life -- so when it comes out it comes out nasty. More than any other type, your conflicts tend to turn on one tiny thing -- the dishes, the laundry -- that's really a scapegoat for your larger dissatisfactions with your relationship. You're baffled that your partner just can't do the dishes -- your partner is baffled that it's such a big deal. The only way around it is to let the dishes go entirely and try to get at the real root of what's bothering you.

I'm making you sound like a bear, but the fact is that you're so warm and charming most of the time that it effectively offsets the times you're unhappy.

You will make a weirdly good parent.

Don't pair up with someone who'll make sexual demands of you. That's just not going to fly at all.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 30, 2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I have the slightest idea what pushed me to write this yesterday after having my lunch. Maybe it was because of the 4 or 5 (who's counting?) bottles of Strong Ice I drank while bonding with Gea and Aina Monday night. Maybe it was the realization that I was not a wee-bit tipsy after all those bottles, that I even managed to drive from Makati to Pasay then to Pasig. This is a really babaw poem but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Aehehehehe!

It started with Champagne
and Shirley Temple
Met them when I was nine
They tasted really good
They always left me feeling fine

In my 2nd year in highschool,
That’s when I started going out
My dad would hand me some money
And would tell me to check some drinks out

When I get home he would ask,
“What did you have tonight?”
Bailey’s, Mai Tai and Pinacolada,
Would always be my reply

It only got worse in college
When Jose Cuervo became my friend
We would always get together at parties
But he’d never make it to my bed
I would leave him in the toilet bowl
With chunks and pieces of what I ate
Although he tasted pretty good in the beginning
There was something about him I couldn’t take

So I stopped seeing all the boys
I really hate Mr. Cuervo to this day
I’m just happy I found a new friend
And Margarita was her name

She’s so sexy, she’s so cool
You should see her in shaven ice
But when you have too much of her
She suddenly stops being very nice

Did I tell you about Goldschlagger?
He’s the richest one of all
He also had a thing for cinnamon
And he liked giving away his gold

Other members of the gang
Were brothers Kurant, Citron and Mandarin
There’s also the muse, Tequila Rose
She’s Mr. Cuervo’s distant cousin

When I started saving my money,
I was introduced to the family of Beer
They didn’t taste as good as the others
But they were hella cheap

I was taken with Super Dry
But yeah, she was pretty frigid
So I shifted to San Mig Light
No excitement there, I’ll admit it

Do you remember Cerveza Negra?
And how her golden tan glistened in the sun
I don’t understand why some people didn’t like her
Even though she was different,
To me, she was lotsa fun

Then I started mountain climbing
There I met Mr. Gin
At first I didn’t like him
But in the end, I started filling him to the brim

Right now, I’ll stick to Strong Ice
I met Red Horse and he gave me a real kick
Can you believe someone was proposing to me
But because of Red Horse, I fell asleep

Many dizzy, drunken nights
Spent laughing with my friends
But I don’t think I ever asked you, my liver,
Are we already hanging by a very thin thread?

You’ve never given up on me
Remember when I had Hepa A?
Even through all my boy troubles,
You were behind, err…
inside me all the way.

But the night is young, and so are we,
And only God can make a tree
So my Atay, before we die,
Let’s drink to that and make campai!

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 29, 2004


In the middle of brainstorming for a summer event for our teen line, I decided to stop and read this book that's been lying around in our room. "Really Important Stuff my Kids Have Taught Me" by Cynthia Copeland Lewis is such a fun, quick read. A few lines actually made me feel better. I'm feeling really blaaaahh today. But I'll get over it for sure.

I wrote down my fave lines:

It's more fun to color outside the lines.
Sometimes, it's smart to be scared.
If you're going to draw on the wall, do it behind the couch.
Hitting the kid with the ball might get you the ball, but it won't get you anyone to throw it to.
It does matter who started it.
Be silly.
If you're going to laugh, laugh out loud.
One thing you can't pretend to be is funny.
Don't always act your age.
Nobody can pedal the bike for you.
Where you're going is more important than where you stand.
A little kiss can make a big difference.
You have to eat a lot of cereal before you find the free toy.
Little crayons still make bright marks.
You won't catch a whale with a worm.
Getting lost teaches you how to read a map.
Picking your nose when no one is looking is still picking your nose.
It's hard to not like someone who likes you.
Hug people for no reason.
If you can't find a way through the crowd, make one.
If it hurts, stop doing it.
When in doubt, order a hotdog.
Everyday comes with a day after.
If your dog doesn't like someone, you probably shouldn't either.
If you don't run, you won't trip, but you may never get there.
Don't pop someone's bubble.
Your echo will always answer.
If you stay clean, you'll never have fun.
Every good has a better and every bad a worse.
Sometimes, the biggest apple has the biggest worm.
You'll have to eat a little dirt along the way.
Everything looks different through tears.
Don't blow a spark unless you want a fire.
A tiny hole can empty a great big bucket.
If you can't name it, scrape it off your pizza.
No one does much living in the living room.
Stop when you're full.
Jump at the chance.
Crawling still gets you there.
Don't wait to be discovered.
The longer the rainstorm, the happier you are to see the sun.
It's hard to save the best for last.

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Monday, September 27, 2004

Saturday afternoon,I found myself surrounded by a dozen kids aged 5-9 for a fashion show rehearsal. At first, they weren't talking to each other as most of them are first-time models and they've never met. But later on, they were chasing each other, laughing, whispering in each other's ears, throwing balls, grabbing balloons. It was crazzzyy. But really fun. And eventhough I wasn't part of the playing, eventhough I was basically just watching them rehearse, I had this big smile plastered on my face.

A child's power to lift your spirit and make you smile and forget about everything that bothers you is truly an amazing gift. And someday, I won't be sad anymore because I'll have one or two to call my own.


Charo, Jovan, K and I left Manila just before lunch and headed to Tagaytay. We were all starving and admit it guys, we ordered too much food! Because we wanted to have lunch with a view, we proceeded to Leslie's and got a really cozy kabana to stay in. Of course we had the Tagaytay staple, Bulalo, an order of Beef Kare-Kare, Inihaw na Liempo and Crispy Kangkong with Lechon. Ain't it obvious that we're all carnivores? Hehehe! Needless to say, lunch left us feeling very bloated.

I love these girls!

You want some of my big buko? Hehehehe!

Next and last stop was Bag of Beans. No Tagaytay trip is complete for me without having coffee and enjoying the garden in this place.

It really feels nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila at least once a week. We're actually thinking of making a habit out of it. Where are we going next week?

I really like this hat. It's so kakaiba,tiba?

Could it be? Is it she?!?! Is it Jasmine Trias?!?

Ahh, finally! a decent picture! And believe it or not, I took this by myself.

Bunny @ Monday, September 27, 2004

Friday, September 24, 2004

ONE BEERy FINE TRIP (it was a 24-hour drinking sesscion. Promise.)

First off, how nice was the weather last Sunday?!?!

I was going to write about the stuff we did in Galera but halfway through, I realized that it wasn't good enough. In fact, I'm having a very hard time finding the most accurate words to describe this trippy trip. I have a feeling that whatever words I use will be an understatement. That's how much fun I had.

I know that this is definitely better than my 1st trip to Galera. Even if we woke up almost 3 hours late Sunday morning (because we drank too much the previous night) and got to Galera just before noon. Even after we were devastated to find out that the last boat leaves at 3pm and taking that boat would make our trip soooo bitin (we decided to stay for the night and leave very early Monday morning so we can get to our respective offices by noon) .

While drinking Sunday night, I had one of the most convoluted conversations with Katya, a gay waiter-ess at the bar were drinking in. He sat down with us to smoke and drink. Sorry, medyo bastos pero naki-ride lang naman ako...

Katya: You know, I'm a man-hater.
Me: Me naman, I'm a man-eater.
Katya: Me din! You also give blowjobs?
Me: Oh yes.
Katya: Sige nga, blowjob mo nga ako!

I was so entertained by her..errr..him, that we decided to exchange cellphone numbers so we can go out when she, i mean he's (dammit!) in Manila.


I know that despite of the fact I only met them May of this year, my friendships with Gea, Jun and Malic have run as deep, if not deeper, than some of the long-term friendships I keep.

To Gea, Malic and Jun , you guys are, so far, my life's most pleasant surprise. Thank you for the very healthy and intelligent conversations and the sooo not healthy drinking sessions. Thank you for being the people I laugh with the most and for not making me cry even when I already want to(tama na siguro na si Malic lang yung iyakin saatin? kidding!). Thank you for believing in me and for having the confidence that I, the ever-kikay Bunny, can conquer the mountains we climb. For all those times na nag-iinarte ako, thank you for not getting pissed at me. Basta, thanks for taking care of me.

You know how people say that "Birds of the same feather, flock together"? Apparently, I'm the kind of bird who can change feathers (if there is such a kind). Hahahaha! From a high-heels-wearing-frozen-margarita-drinking-chick, you guys have actually succeeded in making me drink gin from a shot glass. And to this day, it remains a mystery as to why I like it. You guys have made me discover a part of myself that I never knew existed. And it's not just mountain climbing ha? (Until now, a few friends find it hard to believe that I actually climb) I read somewhere that, "The true meaning of life is not being comfortable all the time. It is trusting that something good could come out of adversity." I will eternally be grateful to you guys for taking me out of my comfort zone and actually helping me, well, find comfort and happiness in it.

Last week, I found myself wondering where I'm getting all this strength I now have. And now I know, its from friends like the 3 of you who constantly remind me that materials things are not needed to enjoy life to the fullest.

Gea, my amazing race partner and current bestfriend-in-the-making, you have no idea how much sense you make, even when we're totally wasted na. Thank you for the hard whacks on the head when I super need them and for just being so brutally honest and true.

Malic, my very own drama king. You are...well, you're one of a kind. And if I ever come across someone like you in the future (i highly doubt it), be rest assured that you will always be the best kind. I guess I made a good choice to make you kulit during our climb in Pangil. You are my ultimate protector. If it weren't for your strong hands (ohhh la la!), baka nahulog na ako sa bundok. It's amazing how we click, despite our differences. You know how much you mean to me naman tiba? Kung tumangkad tangkad ka lang eh...hahahaha!

And Jun, the first time I met you, kala ko manyak ka. Hindi....hindi....hindi ako nagkamali. Har har! Seriously though, you're one of the funniest people I know. I sometimes feel like I found my male version in you. Okaaay, that doesn't really look good. I hope you never change your obnoxious ways, because I love you for that. I missed you when you were in Boracay! When are we drinking again?

Bunny @ Friday, September 24, 2004

Thursday, September 23, 2004



It's so weird but I was on such a natural high yesterday.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Got this in my friendster bulletin board this morning and deeeyym, it made me laugh! Kasi, i can relate...pero slight lang. Hahahaha!

There's this good guy friend of mine who I had a simple i-admire-you crush on a few weeks ago but I decided to stop my feelings for him (I didn't think it was possible but I actually succeeded in flushing those feelings out) kasi we're such good friends and I felt that if I fell for him, we would both be spelling the doom of our friendship. And I really didn't want that. Because he. is. such. a. good. friend.

And then he proposes love. To me. Just weeks after I got over him. Wrong timing, man.

And all I managed to say was, "lumipas na".

I think he understood naman. Besides, I'm sooooo not ready to plunge in the waters of another relationship right now. I'm still enjoying my freedom.

Anyhoo, read on. It's a bit long but it's cute.

Matagal mo na siyang kilala.
Lagi mo siyang kasama, magkakabit na nga ang bituka nyo e.
Pareho ang trip nyo sa buhay kaya hindi kayo nauubusan ng pag-uusapan o gagawin.
You find the same jokes funny.
Pag turn-off sayo, ganun din sa kanya.
Super concerned siya sayo, as in, she knows when you are not feeling well
and what to do when you're down.
Alam mo kapag bad trip siya.
Takbuhan nyo ang isa't isa kapag may problema.
Kapag kayong dalawa na ang magkasama, parang may sarili kayong mundo.
Kahit tawa lang kayo ng tawa,
wala kayong pakialam.
Basta ang importante, you have each other's company.
You feel so comfortable with each other that
holding hands and hugging seem natural.
She makes you feel so special and loved that you
suddenly have these urges of kissing her.

Help! Help! Help!
Pare, hindi pwede yan!
Bakit, kayo ba?
Bakit ka namumula?
What can I say, you look so affected! Wala naman
akong ginawa, dba? I just asked the right question.

Well, sorry ka na lang, magaling ako! hehehe!
Don't panic!!!
Take a deep breath and say... banana!!!
One more time now... banana!!!
Try to look back.
Ano ang nakikita mo?
Sino ang iniisip mo?
You are starting to realize how cool she is.
You are beginning to miss her.
You are actually in love with her.
What dja gonna do, bullet? Duh?!

Frankly, dude, I have no idea.
Yes, after making you admit to yourself that you're
in a situation that could change your entire life,
I will leave you hanging.
Teka, hindi naman ako ganun kasama.
Okay, let's see what we can do.

First, we have to establish that your feelings for her go beyond friendship.
Now the question is... does she feel the same way?
How the hell are you going to find out?
Aha! Go to her and ask it right to her face.
Do you labs me?
Grabe, parang pwede.
Do you have the guts to do it?
Do it, boy.
I'm right behind you, theoretically speaking.

Anyway, you still have the option of whether you
would like to know or not.
Think hard.
Think harder.

Look, ano ba ang nangyayari ngayon?
Don't you feel that, somehow, you are being used for convenience?
Imagine - no commitment, no strings-attached.
Hindi lang yon.
Super malambing siya sayo pero bigla siyang babanat
na may crush siyang ibang guy.
It hoyts, dba?
And, once in a while, hihirit siya sayo na parang
nagpaparinig na she likes you.
Sabay bawi.

What's worse is that since you feel something deeper
for her, sometimes you tend to misunderstand or
exaggerate yung ipinapakita niyang affection sayo.
Thus, you kinda assume na maybe "meron" din siya.
Then you'll end up frustrated but you can't do
anything about it.
Damn, it sucks!

Kaya, the best thing to do is to set things straight.
End your miseries and be merry.
It would be better na alamin nyo kung ano ba talaga
para you wouldn't miss this opportunity and be
doomed to live the rest of your life wondering what if...
Just what if...
Who knows, it might be you and her together forever.

Kay saya!
How ispektakolar!!!

So, if platonic ain't cool, then what is?

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Saturday, September 18, 2004


I'm not supposed to be blogging today.

I'm not even supposed to be at work.

By this time, I should already be in Mariveles in Bataan, with about 10 more mountaineers, about to climb Tarak Ridge.

But at around 6pm last night, found out I couldn't go. I have to come in today for work. I was initially disappointed at first since I was really prepared for this climb. But it's really okay, there's always next time. Work is work. And I love my work.

A few hours later, I found out that Malic won't be climbing as well for the very same reason. WORK.

After working late for a make-over shoot in Greenbelt last night, I met up with Gea and Aina (roomie) in Glorietta for some dinner and drinks. Informed them of the sad news that I'm not climbing. And then Gea says she doesn't think she'll make it either. Technically, she gets off work at 630am but knowing the company that she works for, she'll probably get off a couple of hours after that. And there's no way she'll be able to make it to the Bataan if she gets off that late. In conclusion, Gea's not climbing either.

My 2 favorite climbing buddies (actually, there's 3 of them but Jun is in Boracay) are not climbing. What a treat, eh?

In between bottles of beer, Gea and I were discussing that we didn't want to be stuck in Manila this weekend. I was pleading, "Let's go climb! Let's leave Saturday night! Kahit Pangil lang, or Talamitam or Manabo! I don't want to stay in Manila this weekend."

And then it hit me. So i asked Gea, Wanna go to Galera on Sunday? We can leave manila at 4am, and be in White Beach by 7am. And then let's take the last boat out to Batangas Pier?

So guess what, if tomorrow's weather is as good as the weather today, Malic, Gea and I will be in Puerto Galera. And if it rains, who knows where our feet will take us.

Bunny @ Saturday, September 18, 2004

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Texted him last night and asked him what his plans were for today. "Dinner at home lang. Kristine's cooking.", he said.

And then I remembered all the birthday parties he would throw for me. So I said, "Let's have dinner out na lang. Kahit North Park lang. My treat! Birthday gift ko sayo."

His reply was, "Thank you, anak. Iba na lang gift mo saakin, paayos mo na lang TV ko."

Sure, I said.

Texted him again this morning to greet him: Happy Happy Birthday, Papa! Thanks for always being there for me. I'm here lang if you need anything! I love you!

Wrong idea to text my dad something sweet while inside the jeepney. His only reply was: Thank you, anak! I love you too"

And if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you guys know that my dad has the ability to make me cry by saying (or in this case, texting) that 4 letter tagalog word: anak.

Got teary-eyed talaga and swallowed my tears. Kakahiya sa ibang passengers sa jeep. Hehe!


Last night was the best ukay-ukay day, eveerrr!

Got myself:

1. a pair of black trek pants (php 150)
2. a pair of denim capris (php 130)
3. a white linen Polo Ralph Lauren mini-skirt that's never been used because the hangtag was still attached (php80)
4. a black tank top with a print of 3 frogs standing (frogs on both ends holding beer bottles and the one in the middle with a pair of boxer shorts over his head) and on the bottom of the tank top, it says, "TOADILY WASTED" (php 50)
5. Green white and blue floral halter top. Perfect for the beach and goes well with item #3.(php 60)
6. White tank top with a sequined design of a mini schnauzer in the middle. (php 60)

Bought some laundry powder on my way home and nagmistulan akong labandera pag-uwi. Yes, marunong na ako maglaba (thanks to the instructions at the back of the laundy powder pack)! I'm so excited to wear my new buys na kasi!


Bunny @ Thursday, September 16, 2004

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Was having yosi break with my boss awhile ago when she asked how I was doing (pertaining to the break-up). Told her I was surprisingly doing great and that I haven't been really out on dates or out on gimmicks since the break-up. Told her that I'm by my lonesome most of the time.

Then, she asked what I had planned for the week and told her that today is my ukay-ukay day, that I'm planning to get a haircut within the week and that I'll be in Bataan this weekend for a major climb.

What she said was really nice, "There you go! It's good to know that you're having a love affair with yourself. Enjoy it!"

I flashed a big smile.

Thanks, boss!

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Monday, September 13, 2004


Checked my friendster account late this afternoon and got a message from my college buddy, Twinkle. We've been exchanging messages for a couple of weeks now but the last part of her message to me today sent me giggling:

Twinkle talking about her husband who started training for a cell center:

".....nagt-training naman siya sa [call center name], parang starstruck nga dun everyday may natatanggal hehe! ciao."

Bunny @ Monday, September 13, 2004


"Pag gusto, may paraan
Pag ayaw, may dahilan."

And that's the gameplan.

Bunny @ Monday, September 13, 2004


Met K last Saturday for her much-needed shopping. But before embarking on our quest for the perfect not-so-corporate-yet-not-so-casual work bag and some other things, we decided to fill our bellies at Cravings. K was craving for Sushi but Shangri-la mall didn't have any Japanese resto aside from Tokyo Tokyo and the International Sushi Bar which was still closed at the time we wanted to chow. We settled for Cravings. The nice thing about dining in Cravings is that when you order an entree, you can go buffet on the soup and salad bar. I wasn't really starving as it was 4pm and I had just eaten lunch a couple of hours before. I wanted to get something light but opting for the soup and salad bar alone costs 195 bucks and a few of the entrees were cheaper than that so I just ordered an entree.

K said that I should try Cravings' buffet breakfast and I made a mental note to do so. Because we are girls with very sweet teeth, we ordered dessert. We had already eaten half of our Chocolate Almond Mousse (if I remember correctly)when K goes, "Oh my Gawd!!! There's a cockroach!". Asked her where it was and the little ugly thing was under our plates. Acccckk! How the hell did it get there?!?

We called a waiter who took away the yucky thing and the manager approached us apologizing. She also said that she will talk to their fumigation people about it.

Needless to say, we didn't finish the cake. And I guess I'll be saying goodbye to the buffet breakfast. Whew! Buti na lang, I didn't accept their job offer, or else, it would have been so embarassing.

The manager was nice enough to not charge us for the cake. She was also nice enough to give me and Kookie complimentary cake cards on our next visit. When that is, I really, really cannot tell.

Bunny @ Monday, September 13, 2004

Saturday, September 11, 2004


I'm so proud of myself.

Not because I gave a taong grasa the big, yummy ensaymada I was going to gobble up at home last night.

Not because I believe that I'm doing a good job at work and that I have finally found my personal career legend.

But also because I'm not the same girl that I used to be.

I used to be the kind of girl who would cry for days and months on end after a break-up. I would fall asleep crying and wake up crying even more. Remember that scene in "Something's Gotta Give" where Diane Keaton would cry and cry and cry every single minute of her waking day? Well, that was me. My friends would never dare leave me alone when heartbroken due to my tendency to do insane, unthinkable things. O sige na nga, I will admit it, I have a tendency to be self-destructive. I have a tendency to hurt myself when I don't have the heart to take it out on the person that I want to take it out on(which is 99.9% of the time). I also had to be out all the time. And when I say "out", I'm talking about out getting drunk so that when I get home, all I need to worry about is vomiting, and dozing off before you can even say the name of the guy who chopped my heart into pieces and fed it to the pigs.

I'm so proud of myself.

I just realized all this while choosing to spend a Friday night alone at home just watching TV and cleaning the house. I'm happy. I'm not the same girl that I used to be. I've been going straight home from work the past week doing the same thing: eat dinner, watch tv/dvd, read a book and sleep. It's sooo weird. I mean, this is what I've always wanted but it's so....uncanny. I should be miserable, in agony, mournful, wretched. I should be lamenting the loss of the man that could have been the greatest love of my life. But I'm not. I'm so normal. Some of my friends who are surprised by the break-up have been asking why I don't look devastated by the recent turn of events. I don't know. I really don't know where all this strength is coming from, how it arised or why it even exists.

But I do know that I like it.

And that I'm sooo proud of what I have become.

Happy weekend, guys!

Bunny @ Saturday, September 11, 2004

Friday, September 10, 2004


I'm climbing Tarak Ridge next weekend and I'm scared. Been doing a lot of research on the internet and it will be the most difficult climb I will encounter yet (trek is about 6-8 hours). Was telling J the other night how I read that the vertical assault is at an 80-degree angle (parang wall climbing na!) and that I read in another site that there are a lot of limateks (they're like leeches that pop out of nowhere. they're very tiny and eventually get fat from sucking your blood. they're also very, very itchy). Though I know that if I'm really going to make a hobby/sport out of mountain climbing, I will have to be bitten by a limatek sooner of later (maybe in Pulag), but I'm just not ready for to be bitten right now. J told me not to worry and not to put to heart everything I read about Tarak on the internet because writers have different opinions and that he honestly believes I can do it.

Still, I have doubts.

Last weekend, I joined the applicants of the mountaineering group for their training. Was at the film center in Manila by 730am then I jogged to Roxas Blvd. (CCP area) and back. When I got back to the film center, I did some stair excercises (ang haba ng stairs!). They wanted me to do 20 rounds, up and down the stairs, but I just couldn't. My legs were shaking and I was only able to do 10.

Last night, I set my alarm for 5am because I wanted to go jogging. Woke up at 5, realized it was still too dark and unsafe to jog alone and went back to sleep. Got up just before 6 and jogged for about 40 mins.

I'm sooo excited yet terrified at the same time. I also have this fear that my ever-dependable trainers will give up on me in the middle of the climb.

But I'm going to do it. So I can prepare myself for Pulag. And besides, I wanna know how it feels like to camp here. Beautiful, tiba?

I'll see you next weekend! Yehaaayy!

Bunny @ Friday, September 10, 2004

Thursday, September 09, 2004

What my friend, J, said to me last Tuesday:

"Hindi mo na kailangan makipag-date kasi madami nang nagmamahal sayo."

Aaaawwww! Oo nga naman.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 09, 2004


Was with good friend V, last night. We were supposed to go out for dinner but since we were both trying to save, we opted to just buy liempo and rice from Andok's. I remembered that I had instant crab and corn soup in the house but we didn't have eggs. Luckily, Andok's sells eggs. So while the guy was chopping our liempo, I go, "Manong, magkano po itlog niyo?" V tries to stifle a laugh and V does not succeed. I start laughing too after realizing how my question sounded like.

The Andok's guy doesn't answer (siguro nahiya). V and I couldn't stop chuckling. When the andok's guy finally gave our liempo, I asked (the right way, this time), "Magkano po yung itlog?". He gave me the price and I bought one.

And we, we, we laughed all the way home.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 09, 2004

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Since we're in the topic of make-overs, did you guys watch Queer Eye last Monday?

How incredibly yummy is John Zimmerman?!?!

When he came on screen, I went, make-over?! What the...he doesn't need a make-over!

Notice that for the first time, there was no physical makeover done. Graaabeeehh ang gwapo talaga!

To make things worse, he was uber sweet pa to his wife.

I asked my roomie this question when Kyan and John were getting pedicures.

"If both of them were equally inlove with you, who would you choose? (Kyan would be straight)"



Who's your pick?

Sorry haven't been posting much. Work has been really, really busy. AS IN!

If you don't believe how gorgeous John Zimmerman is,
take a look at his before and after shots from the show.

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Gave my blog a make-over today. Still needs a little tweaking but it'll come around. Do you guys like it?

I'm opening a new chapter in my life. Change is good, even when it starts in a blog. Hehehe!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Bunny @ Saturday, September 04, 2004

Friday, September 03, 2004


Ain't it amazing how sometimes, the best advices in the world come from the most unpredictable places. Today, I got mine from Dr. Seuss.

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Bunny @ Friday, September 03, 2004

Thursday, September 02, 2004


A good friend read my blog and spoke to me about the book idea. Looks like we're going to do it. Spoke to another good friend about it and she's game. We shall all meet VERY SOON to iron out the details and see if it can be done. Although, it really is feasible, isn't it?

I hope it pushes through. Cross your finger, guys.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 02, 2004


We have this fashion show coming up in October and we're starting to get things organized. We have models lined up for the kids line but we don't know where to get models for the maternity line. I need pretty pregnant girls or pretty girls who are willing to look pregnant (will make them wear those body bumps. I think that's what those things are called) while sashaying down the catwalk.

Know anyone? Any takers?

Bunny @ Thursday, September 02, 2004


I've been working late for the past week so for a change, I got off work at exactly 6pm yesterday. I didn't really have anything planned for the night so I went to the Pasig Church, which was a 10-minute jeepney ride from my office.

Huwaaaaatt?!?!? Say that again?

Yesterday, I missed Lola so much. She would always do something to make me feel better when I'm down. From giving massages, saying something funny and absolutely absurd (one time, i was teasing her about having so much money, she said: pubic hair madami ako! The woman is crazy and so lovable!) or giving me money for retail therapy, Lola was the best.

There was a time when Lola and I would go to church every 1st Wednesday of the month to say Novena to our Mother of Perpetual Help. And because I am perpetually in need of help, I went.

I have a confession: I haven't been to church in a looooong time. The last time I was in church prior to last night was during my Lola's funeral, which was what, 7 months ago!?! And I haven't heard Sunday mass in an even longer time (don't bother asking how long it's been). But I pray everyday. I've always believed that when you get to heaven, God's not going to ask you how many times you heard mass in a week or how many prayer meetings you went to. I think, that at the end of your life, he's going to want to know how much good you've done during your time on earth. And to me, that's what really counts.

I'm such a baby but after the novena, as I knelt down to pray, the tears just came rolling. Gave Him my eternal gratitude for always helping me make ends meet and for taking care of me and the people I hold close to my heart. Prayed for the happiness of my family, my friends and L. And told Him that, with his help, I can and will overcome whatever trials life throws my way.

Walked out of the church with my head bent down (kasi there were tears in my eyes and I didn't have tissue) and dropped by an ukay-ukay place nearby. Got myself 3 funky tops and got a big discount for them (thanks to my charming skills! Had to make pa-cute with the tindero pa). Then I went to the grocery near my house to buy toiletries and food for the next couple of weeks.

Aaahhh....all is well with moi.


Bunny @ Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Before I start writing, can I just tell you, muntik na ako atakihin sa puso kaninang umaga. My very first commuter scare. (sorry, taglish)

The jeep I was riding almost hit an fx. But I think it was the fx's fault coz he was in the wrong lane and he was trying to make singit. He cursed our driver, jeepney driver cursed back. When the traffic slowed down, fx driver jumped out of his vehicle, ran to the passenger side and tried to punch the driver. Driver floored the gas, fx driver runs back to his fx, takes out his metal tubo, gets back on his vehicle and starts following us.

At this point, I couldn't breathe. It was like the air passage way from my lungs was congested. I was absolutely frightened. I was prepared to thrust my big umbrella at the fx driver if he tried to hurt me. I couldn't naman tell the jeepney driver to stay cool kasi baka saakin naman niya ibuhos galit niya, diba?

Jeepney driver takes out his metal tubo (apparently, its a must-have for PUV drivers). Fx catches up with us, opens his window, points at the driver and tells him something I couldn't understand because I was just too scared.

It wasn't even 9 in the morning and people were already fighting. Sccaaahhhhhrrryyyy shit.

Anyways, I HAVE AN IDEA!

Way before all that road rage happened, I realized that, wouldn't it be cool if we could gather all the best entries from different blogs in the country and compile them into a book? There would be different sections: politics, parenthood, humor, love, marriage and relationships (which I'm sure will take up half of the book) and the like.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this but still, wouldn't that be soooooo cool?

Wouldn't it?

Teka, will it sell kaya?

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