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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Indeed, indeed!

When I ran short of money to pay for the advance and deposit for the new place, he worked through L  to help me find a way to come up with the money.  I now have a pending SSS loan.

When I super needed a job, 2 job offers came to me and so on monday, I start work for a very very good clothing company who caters to preggy moms and their kids.  Plus, they also have another brand which caters to teens and I'm sooo excited to start working again.  I really want to be in retail but I didn't think I would ever get a job in the industry again, knowing how competitive it is.  But I did it!!! He did it!

When we needed a refrigerator, a sofa, 2 beds, an aircon, and a small table, He came in the form of my Dad to lend us all these.

When we needed a stove,  an armchair, another aircon, and a pick-up to transport all our stuff, God came in the form of  my friend's Dad.

When we didn't know where to get a dining table, friend's cousin (who coincidentally lives in the same building) lent us a dining table she doesn't use.

When we needed another electric fan, friend of sister's fiance gave us a fan he never uses.

When we needed help carrying all our stuff, He gave us our macho guy buddies to help us.

When I needed some cheering up, He gave me a slumber/pig-out party with my girlfriends.

He really does live in each one of us and He really does work in mysterious, sneaky ways.  Just when I thought I had nothing going for me anymore,  He makes everything fall right into place.

And I love Him for that.  I love You for that.

Thanks.   So.  Much.

Bunny @ Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'm in an internet cafe right now and there's a middle-aged woman beside me talking really loudly. I thought she was on the phone but when i looked at her, she had headphones on and on her screen was her webcam and another webcam which had a guy in it. Then she calls her daughter and says, "Tara, kausapin mo si daddy!".
So the daughter puts on the headphones and screaaaaammsss, "Hi Daddddyyy! I loveee youuuu!". Now, if she wasn't an adorable little girl, I would be completely annoyed.

It got even cuter when the little girl started singing her dad a song, for everyone in the internet cafe to hear. I forgot na what song.

Wala lang, the wonders of the internet.

Bunny @ Saturday, July 24, 2004

Friday, July 23, 2004


The following story will make you cringe, wince, shudder, etc.

Remember my CR story in Cafe Agogo a few months ago. I have a new one

I was there the other night and I needed to pee. So I went to the bathroom but someone was still inside. Was standing outside waiting for my turn when a guy lines up behind me. I sensed that he was drunk.

Guy: Excuse me, do you mind if I go first? I really really have to go.
Me: No, go ahead.
Guy: Are you sure? (brace yourselves, guys) We can just go together, if you want.
Me: *trying to stop myself from bopping his head* No, you go head. I don't really really need to go, anyway.
Guy: Seriously, we can just go together. If you don't mind seeing my...
To self: Fuck, how persistent is this pervert?!?!?
Me: Just go ahead and make it quick, ok?
Guy: (as if it wasn't enough) Is that bad?
Me: What's bad?
Guy: If you see my...

Person inside the CR gets out (thank God!!!)...

Me: Please go ahead.
Guy: Ok, thank you.

The next morning, I was walking towards Meralco Avenue. Now, I've always found it really nice when foreigners greet you "Good morning", "How are you?" even if they don't know you from Adam. I was about to cross the street when a guy inside a car looked at me, smiled and said, "Good Morning!". This guy didn't look sleazy. So I said Good Morning, too. Then I crossed the street.

Surprise, surprise, he starts following me! So I'm walking on the right side of the road and on my left is his car driving slowly.

Guy in car: Excuse me, is this Ortigas Center?
Me: Yes it is.
Guy in car: This whole thing is ortigas center?
To self: !@#$%!!!, ang lame lame mo naman!
Me: Yes.
Guy: where are you going?
Me: I'm going somewhere (What I should have said was, "Some place where you're not going." But it was 9am and I just wasn't in the mood to be bitchy)
Guy: Can I bring you there?
Me: No. Thanks, anyways. *starts walking fast*
Guy: You know, I really just want to be friends.
Me: Okay, bye!

Bunny @ Friday, July 23, 2004

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


"A new world record has been set in the 100-meter dash. It was set by Filipino troops fleeing Iraq".

Jay Leno said this on his show last Thursday (If I'm not mistaken).

Honestly, why are most of us being pikon about it?  It's a comedy show, for crying out loud. 

Let it go.

Mahaba naman baba nya eh.

Hwe hwe hwe!

Bunny @ Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Monday, July 19, 2004

Summer Samba (So Nice)
By: Astrud Gilberto
Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice
Someone to love me right
That would be very nice
Someone to understand
Each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand
And be a team with me
So nice, life would be so nice
If one day I'd find
Someone who would take my hand
And samba through life with me
Someone to cling to me
Stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me
Some little samba song
Someone to take my heart
And give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to
Give love a start with me
Oh yeah, that would be so nice
I could see you and me, that would be nice
Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice
Someone to love me right
That would be very nice
Someone to understand
Each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand
To be a team with me
So nice, life would be so nice
If one day I'd find
Someone who would take my hand
And samba through life with me
Someone to cling to me
Stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me
Some little samba song
Someone to take my heart
And give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to
Give love a start with me
Oh yes, that would be so nice
Shouldn't we, you and me?
I can see it will be nice...

Bunny @ Monday, July 19, 2004

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Kookie texted me yesterday morning asking what I was up to (fellow bums, unite!).   Told her that I'm going with Charo to the food tasting thing for her wedding and did she want to come along?  Of course she did!!!
But because we were really bored, Kookie swung by for me at the condo just before 1pm, even if the food tasting wasn't happening till 5pm.  We went to every available crevice in Eastwood City (hehe!).  We tried so hard to fight the temptation to eat coz we wanted to starve ourselves for the food tasting but we're only human...with very famished bellies.  So we skipped to Tokyo Tokyo, got the Beef Misono Sumo meal and had 2 servings of rice each. 
Charo arrived a few minutes later and we headed to Blissful Occasions for food tasting with Josiah's catering.  Kookie and I ate like we didn't just eat an hour ago. Wahahaha! Babbuuyyy!!  We had carbonara, salmon and tanguigue (i don't think i spelled this right), roast beef, grilled prawns, chicken cordon bleu, tempura and the yummiest of them all, the burgundy beef.
We were watching a video of Miriam Quiambao's wedding in Boracay while waiting for the food and may I just say that it looked like a really nice wedding.  Yun lang.
Now, the best thing about every meal is dessert.  And Charo has been raving about Floyd's for awhile now so we decided to try it out.  They have the yummiest ice cream cakes!!! Charo got the mud pie, Jovan got the Strawberry Shortcake, Kookie had a strawberry sundae and I had Cookies and Cream.  Pictures (not of us) are here.
After dessert, we headed to Jovan's place and watched Kill Bill 2 and had a second serving of dessert. This time, we had green and ripe mangoes with bagoong and some rambutan (although I didn't feel like eating it anymore after watching [spoiler] Uma Thurman dangle Daryl Hannah's eyeball. Hehe!).
Oh, and I finally met Zagu, Jovan's infamous dog!!!  He's ssooo big and cuteee and I would have hugged him if only he didn't smell bad (he got wet in the rain eh).
I really had a blast yesterday.  Who would have thought that you can pig out and have so much fun with friends for only 135 bucks!

Bunny @ Saturday, July 17, 2004

This has got to be my favorite entry by Rudie.  I just kept on nodding my head while reading it.  Real nice.  Real true.

Bunny @ Saturday, July 17, 2004

Friday, July 16, 2004


We finally found a place!!! Although, it's not officially ours yet.

It costs the same as the amount we're currently paying for the condo. It's a 2-storey apartment with 3 bedrooms as opposed to the 1-bedroom unit we're paying for now. The good thing is, 5 of us will be splitting for rent so my living expenses will be cheaper! Woohoo!

It's yellow on the outside and the walls inside are mint green. Cuttiieeee!

I can finally have my friends over for drinking sessions and small parties!

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with the owner to haggle. Let's see if my negotiation skills are still good. Hehehe!

Only problem is, this apartment is bare and we don't have a Refrigerator and a stove. We have 3 TV sets, though. Like that helps! Hahahaha!

And I don't have enough moolah to pay for the 2 months deposit and 2 months advance (I'm going to ask tomorrow if pwedeng 2 months dep and 1 month advance). I'm seriously considering getting a loan or *gulp* borrowing from my Mom (sorry, medyo ma-pride ako when it comes to money matters with my mom).

I was discussing this with my roomie earlier this evening and she said, "Tumayo ka na lang sa Quezon Ave. Kahit 2 nights in a row."

Wahahahhaha! What a brilliant idea, you crazy woman.

Bunny @ Friday, July 16, 2004

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

BECAUSE I LOVE THEM (and i know you guys do, too)

And I have the hots for Kyan Douglas(Why oh why is he gay?!?!). And I need a good laugh.

Some really funny quotes from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (of course, the really funny ones were made by Carson. Hahaha!)

Jai Rodriguez: This is like a— Oh my god I think... I think I broke the wall... and I don't think it matters.

Kyan Douglas: You know what I like about disposable razors? They're disposable. throws them all away

Carson: You know, I was always the last kid picked in dodge ball. They were like, "Um, okay we'll take Sharon. Now we'll take the girl in the iron lung and... you guys get Carson."

Butch: Would you like some soy sauce with that?
Carson: There was already some soy sauce in it.
All groaning: Oh, god!
Carson: Was it soy sauce or boy sauce? I can't remember.

Butch: referring to his sleeves I like 'em straight.
Carson: I like 'em straight, too, but it usually doesn't work.

Carson: Look at this! You put a living room where the crack den used to be!

Carson: whispering I see straight people!

Thom: It's harrhible!

Carson: I said walk. Not... march like a weird little troll.

Ted Allen: I'm sensing kind of an alcohol situation here. And botulism.

Carson after finding a pair of women's underwear : I don't remember ever getting drunk here.

Carson: I need a ritalin smoothie to remember all this.

Carson: Jesus Christ, superstar!

Carson upon seeing Lisa: There's a hooker in Trenton who wants her boots back.

Lisa: I thought they would have made you into some corporate yuppie type.
Carson: Who are we? The five fags from IBM?

Carson: When was all your furniture reposessed, then?
Thom: Were you robbed?
Carson: Do you have bad credit, or just bad taste?

Carson: Where'd you get this?
John: Um... Kmart.
Carson putting his hand over John's mouth: Don't use that kind of language around me.

Carson: You're kind of like... not George Strait. George Gay.
Kyan Douglas nodding thoughtfully: I like that... George Gay.

Carson: If she doesn't marry you, you get to marry one of the five of us. Isn't that great? So it's a win/win situation!

Carson looking at John's sparkly shirt: Somewhere in Omaha there's a rave missing a shirt.

John B.: People say I look like Keanu Reeves.
Kyan: Really? People say I look like Keanu Reeves.
Carson: People say I look like Ellen Degeneres!

Carson: What does Tina got that I don't? Besides a working vagina?

Carson: Oh look! My God, more plaid. Just when I thought there was no more left in the universe.

Carson: Look! It's plaid droppings!

Carson finds a videotape: Look, a cooking tape! This is about girls who like to eat stuff. pops tape in
Thom: It looks like he's doing all the eating.
Carson: I don't think this is cooking.

Carson referring to Andrew: I hear he's hung like a bee.

Carson whispering to a shirt in a plastic case: Hold on! Mommy's gonna send for help.

Kyan: Hey, Jai, I found the culture. It's in the bottom of the toothbrush holder.

Ayana: The vagina is leaving the nest.
Thom: No, no, no, we've got Jai.

Carson to Ayana: Love you more than my luggage!

Carson meeting Ayanna: Hi, Peanut.
Ayana: Are we ready for our covert operation?
Carson: Your boyfriend's been upstairs working my last gay nerve.

John: This is so embarassing. To be standing next to a gay guy in skivvies... disposable skivvies.
Kyan: Hey, you're no Prince Charming either, big guy.
John: I'm not even looking at you. I don't want to look that way.
Kyan looks shocked and offended: Are you serious? What's gay about that? I mean over here it's gay, but what's gay about that?
John: 'Cause I'm in skivvies next to gay guy... you just don't understand.

Kyan: Can you make his penis look bigger?
John: Guy, why are you looking at my penis? Kyan cracks up.

Carson: You look like a million dollars. Canadian dollars, but a million dollars.
Ted helpfully: It's still a lot!

Thom: Now why is it a man quiche? Because obviously a gay man would never use that much cream?
Carson: Exactly.

John has a smear of lotion on his cheek
Carson: He might wanna rub that little bit in there.
Ted: It's very There's Something About Mary.
Carson: There's something about John Verdi.

Thom: Can you believe they were talking about cruelty to animals, and they have a red leather sofa the size of a Volkswagen?

John: Thanks to the five guys I feel like... like I've got a spark in my pants.
Thom: That had nothing to do with me! I had nothing to do with a spark in his pants

Thom: If I stole my mother's furniture, I would never ever have a chance of getting laid.

Ted: One of the first illustrations that your refrigerator needs some adjustment is when your milk transitions from a liquid to a solid.

Kyan on George's hair: Even Bon Jovi knew when the moment was over.

Carson: You know what the magic word is?
Josh: Uh...please?
Carson: No... screams NOW!

Thom examining a large stain on the rug: We can't get rid of the rug. This is where his wife gave birth to his first daughter.

Ted holding up handcuffs: Are you involved in law enforcement or is this some kind of a kink thing?

Thom is wearing pink wings
Jai:Those wings make your ass look fierce.
Thom: Don't it though? Do these wings make my ass look big?

Tom is blow-drying his hair.
Kyan: I know all about good blow jobs, and this isn't it.

Tom M: I need like five gay men to come to my house!
Jai looks at Thom and smiles.
Thom: You know I say that all the time!

Tom M: And I'm going to have a sushi buffet...
Carson: Sushi Buffet. That sounds like a drag queen.

Carson: Am I a pretty, pretty princess?

HILARIOUS! I saw a lot more quotes but I haven't seen those episodes yet so I'll save them for next time. Ta-ta!

Kyan, one night lang? Promise. Please? Mwahahahahahha!

Bunny @ Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Was talking to my Mom on the phone last night. She was asking me how I was and how my job applications are going. And then after giving me a sermon, reminding me to go to mass every Sunday and how daily prayers are not enough, we started talking about Tashi (my dog).

Me: Ma, I think he's grumpy coz he needs a mate. Kailangan na niya makipag-sex...He's 2 years old na kasi and he's still a virgin. He has this pillow nga which we call his "girlfriend" coz he keeps on humping it.

Mama: *laughs*

Me: I'm serious!

Mama: Eh ikaw? Nakikipagsex ka na ba?


Mama: *laughs even harder* Baket? Matanda ka na rin eh. Basta, be safe and careful. Don't get yourself pregnant.


When I put down the phone, it still hadn't sunk in that my mom had asked me that question. Yeah, I know I'm 25 and I should be mature but still!!!

So I turned to my friend/roomie and her boyfriend and said, "Tiba, we still have gin and orange juice? Tara, inom tayo. My mom just asked me if I was already having sex".

My gooosssshhh!!!

Bunny @ Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I am a bum.

A very broke bum.

Last night's dinner: instant noodles (chicken flavor)

Today's lunch: instant noodles (beef flavor naman)

When Charo found out about this, she asked me to go to her house. Better daw to eat panget food than instant noodles. (Cha, the food in your house ain't panget. At all.)

On the 26th, I will officially be homeless. We have to move out of the condo and we're still looking for a new place. Although, we have a few prospects in mind already, nothing has been decided on yet.

It was my great love (hehe!), Jim Morrison who said, "I am the Lizard King. I can do anything."

In the same light, I am Bunny. I can do anything. I will roll with the punches. Bring it on!

Bunny @ Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Friday, July 09, 2004


Snagged from Purple Toes

1) phone
2) wallet
3) comb
4) pen
5) blush on
6) eye shadow palette
7) lip gloss
8) cologne/perfume
9) keys

1) bianca
2) aina
3) charo
4) kookie
5) shirley
6) gina
7) aldo
8) leeds
9) Ate Tin

1. siomai
2. Country Chicken's Chicken!
3. Peking Duck (sinful but to die forrrr)
4. Salmon (cooked any way)
5. Tom Yam Goong soup
6. Lechon Cebu (drooling now)
7. Manggang hilaw with bagoong
8. Inihaw na Plapla!

1. clueless (seriously!)
2. singles
3. reality bites
4. trainspotting
5. full monty
6. LA Confidential
7. Love Affair

2. smart/witty
3. down to earth
4. gentleman (pero medyo bastos! bwahahaha!)
5. super sweet
6. goal-oriented

1. pretentious/poser
2. mayabang
3. no sense of direction
4. irresponsible
5. babaero

1. clothes
2. a roof on my head
3. money
4. cellphone

1. A digicam
2. Shop till I drop in Powerbooks or Fully Booked
3. Shop till I drop in Rustan's (ang sarap mangarap!)

1. Mama
2. Papa

1. the one who will make me happy

Bunny @ Friday, July 09, 2004


Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged for a week. Been hella busy going to interviews left and right. But still no job. Ahuhuhuhu! Constantly praying that I get one na. I'm in dire need of one. In this light, I wanna give my big thanks to Charo and Jovan for helping me out with this job-hunting thing. You guys have no idea how much help you've given me. Promise to make it up to you in the near future.

Currently reading Trading Up by Sex and the City writer, Candace Bushnell. After 4 chapters, I seriously wanted to put the book down and just stop reading. Too exhausting for such a shallow novel. But because I am starving to read, I'll give the book the benefit of the doubt and hopefully, it will redeem itself in the end.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Bunny @ Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday, July 02, 2004


This is my morning routine: wake up at 630-7am, make some coffee, go online and check my emails, my blog (I often write my entries in the morning, too.) and my friendster account (Can i just say that I hate that their system is always screwed up?!?!).

Anyhoo, Bestfriend's boyfriend slept over last night (actually, he's been sleeping over for the past few days. Not that i mind.). And while I was sending out some emails, my bestfriend's irritating alarm tone goes off and this girl has a penchant for snoozing a million times before really waking up. And because her bf doesn't want her to be late for work, he tries to wake her up. I was holding my laugh when I heard him say this,

Bestfriend's Bf: Gising na. Magbubuhos na ang Diyos ng kaseksihan, tulog ka pa rin. Ikaw din.

Bestfriend: *grumbles*

Bestfriend's Bf: Uyyyy, magbubuhos na ang Diyos ng kagandahan, tulog ka pa rin. Gising naaaa.

Hehehhehehee!!! How original.

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