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Thursday, October 17, 2002


My friend CG has been telling me about her officemate who really really likes her. But he's not her type daw. She introduced me to him around a month or so ago. He has the same name as my asshole ex. Minus 1 million pogi points. Joke lang. Anyhow, D seemed ok naman until...he spoke english. He's not barok or anything. But he has this annoying, trying hard, amboy hiphop accent. So i thought that maybe at one point in his life, he studied in the States. I asked him. No daw. I started talking to him in tagalog. Aba!!! Mas deretso pa saakin magtagalog! So to cut the long story short, D's "accent" is the only flaw i found.

Even if she wouldn't admit it, i knew CG liked D. She would never go out with a guy again if she wasn't interested. And i knew for a fact, that she and D has gone on far too many dates already.

My sister and i were the first people to meet D. Everyone else in the group were dying to hear the infamous "accent". So last night while my friends and i were at the mall, we called CG and asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner and drinks after her work. And if she could bring D. She will arrive with D daw. We all got excited.

Boys, when a girl you're dating brings you to a gimmick with her girlfriends, it usually only means that its JUDGEMENT DAY. During times like these, my friends and i like to call each other, THE FIRING SQUAD.

So they came. After the introductions and a few chit chat...

CG to me: Can you tell this guy that i dont want to watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert? Not my type of music.
Me: Crazy! RHCP is so galing kaya!
D: Hell yeah, bunny! (ugh!). But the best concert i've ever been to was Rage Against the Machine's.
Me: *gasp* I was there!!! My uncle was able to pull some strings for me and my friends so we got in for free and entered from the back. I was face to face with Tom Morello but instead of asking for an autograph, i just looked up at him, stunned. That concert was WILD! Gwapo ni Zach de la Rocha!
D: Girl, you're cool! You should go to Xaymaca in QC.
Me: Yeah, i heard about the place. Reggae stuff, huh?
D: Yep. Its always jam-packed, though. But its all good.

Seconds later, someone texted me. It was from T who was right beside me..
(NOTE: T is a single mom to 5-year old Mikee. And can be very very bitchy. I wouldn't want to mess with her.)

T's text message: "Buns, bat ganun siya magsalita? Kinalibutan ako. Hindi 'to kaya ng powers ko!"

An hour or so later, CG went to the bathroom. She wanted one of us to come with her but we all told her she was big enough to go pee alone. Hehe. We told her to take her time.

T to D: Anong pakay mo?
D: What do you mean?
T: anong pakay mo sa kaibigan namin?
D: I've liked CG for a very long time but she turned me down na before. So now, I'm trying to be her friend. But obviously, i still like her very much.
T: you want us to help you?
D: How?
Me: Before we tell you, we want you to know that we're doing this because we like you and we know CG likes you too.
D: She does?
Me: CG would never go out with a guy more than once if she didn't like him. Trust me.
D: So what do i do?
T: Kill the accent. its annoying her. Yun lang. She hates the accent!

Bestfriend Bianca was also there and she told everyone while CG and D were busy talking, "Si CG pumasok ng Bistro 110 na single, pero paglabas niyan mamaya, hindi na!"

And when D went to the bathroom, we told CG what we told D and she was happy.

And what do you know, they left Bistro 110 holding hands.

Success po ang firing squad. We all went home happy.

Bunny @ Thursday, October 17, 2002

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