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Monday, September 30, 2002


As some of you guys know, I have been job hunting for the past month. I'm still employed but i wanna leave this company as soon as a better job and offer comes along. Last night i prayed that this certain company calls me for a 2nd interview since the 1st one went really well. I really really want to work for them. The benefits are great, work is interesting, the boss and i click plus i get to travel to Singapore and Thailand at least twice a year.

And earlier, while i was finishing lunch with a good friend, they called! Hallelujah! And so I'm off to the 2nd interview this afternoon.

Guys, plleeaaaseee cross your fingers, hope and pray that they hire me!

Bunny @ Monday, September 30, 2002


My friend Ian told me this joke last week and i laughed. Hope it makes you laugh too...

Loi: Honey, yung Mercedes Benz mo kina-carnap. Habulin mo yung carnappers, bilis!
*erap leaves the house and runs after his car*

Then, Loi calls Erap on his cellphone...
Loi: Honey, nahabol mo ba yung carnappers?
Erap: Hindi nga eh pero ok lang kasi nakuha ko naman yung plate number ng kotse eh.


Bunny @ Monday, September 30, 2002

Played billiards with my boyfriend last night while drinking beer and eating sisig. I creamed him!!!! 5-3. Woohoo! *jumps around*

Bunny @ Monday, September 30, 2002

Friday, September 27, 2002


I happened to pass by Herrera St. in Salcedo Village earlier and found out that it is no longer called Herrera. The street sign said "V.A. Rufino St. formerly known as Herrera". I remember discussing this issue with my boyfriend before.

What is the point of changing street names when people don't really use them anyway? Like if you tell a cab driver to drop you off at V.A. Rufino, he'll probably ask you where the hell that is. But if you just say, Herrera, he'll know right away where to take you. So again, what is the point?!?

Take for example Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. formerly known as Buendia. People still refer to it as Buendia, right? Buses and jeepneys travelling along that route has signs that says Buendia, not Sen. Gil Puyat. Pasay road is now Arnaiz Avenue, Rada St. in Legaspi Village is now Thailand St., Alfaro is now Leviste.

Why do people in the government change street names? And what's their basis for changing it? Can you have a street named after you? Do you have to pay? how much? Did Herrera become V.A. Rufino because some Mr. Herrera couldn't afford to pay for "his street" anymore?

Anyone out there knows?

Bunny @ Friday, September 27, 2002


My sister and i had lunch at KFC in Greenbelt yesterday. My sister is very particular with iced tea. She hates Lipton and only likes Nestea.

Sis: Miss, is your iced tea Nestea?
Girl at the Counter: No.
Sis: it Lipton?
Girl at the Counter: No.
Sis: So, whats the brand of your iced tea?
Girl at the Counter: Basta liquid siya eh.
*girl at the counter leaves to get our food and my sister and i laugh...quietly*


Bunny @ Friday, September 27, 2002

Tuesday, September 24, 2002


Fooling around at the Blood Compact Monument..

The Beautiful and Blissful Loboc River...

Bunny @ Tuesday, September 24, 2002


Bea and Charo laughed their asses off upon seeing this picture. Sa bagay, funny naman talaga siya.

So thats how i look like when i'm amused, happy and creeped out all at the same time!

Bunny @ Tuesday, September 24, 2002


My 6-month old Lhasa Apso is a big boy na!

Bunny @ Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Monday, September 23, 2002


So many stories to tell....i don't know where to start. i left Friday, right? So i'll start from there.


Our flight was at 730am. We were at the airport at 630. As soon as my boyfriend and I checked in, PAL made an announcement that our flight will be delayed and ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) will be at 830am instead. So we decided to have some breakfast. After eating, we went to our assigned gate and on the TV screen, it said that our ETD was at 930. Ponyeta tiba? We spoke to the ground steward and he apologized and said that they will be giving out free breakfast. Ugh. So we sat down and played Text Twist on my Palm (i'm addicted to this game). At around 10, i was really pissed coz we had not boarded yet.

Boyfriend: You know what PAL stands for?
Me: what?
Boyfriend: Plane Always Late.
Me: Aaaaarrggghhhh!!!

To top it all off, another announcement was made, we were leaving Manila at 1030. Ponyeta. So there. We landed in Cebu at around 12noon. Bad trip. So much time wasted.


On our way to the hotel and starving, We asked our taxi driver where CNT Lechon was and if it was where we could get the best tasting lechon cebu. He said it was. (By the way, thanks to Mark for recommending it.) Lucky us, it was walking distance from the hotel. We headed straight to our hotel and got ourselves checked in and walked to CNT Lechon.

When we finally got there, the waitress said they ran out of puso (hanging rice). And we can't eat lechon without rice! Sacrilege! So we asked if they had other branches. So we went to SM and found CNT Lechon at the supermarket.

BF: Gaano karami isang order?
Girl at the counter: Sir, kasya na isang order para sa inyong 2. (1 order is 1/4 kilo)
BF: Sige 1 order nga ng lechon tsaka 2 puso. (65 pesos lang for 1/4 kilo of lechon. Ang dami na nun ha)

She handed us: our lechon in a styro, 2 extra styros, 2 pusos and 2 transparent plastic bags. The plastic bag is for your hand. Coz thats how you're going to eat. It was soooo damm good i got another order. Ang baboy ko. No pun intended.


Taxi drivers are the scum of the earth....but not in Cebu. We rode a cab from our hotel to SM. When we got to SM, the meter said 43 bucks. I handed the driver a 50 peso bill and was stepping down of the cab when he handed me my change. *Gasp* There it was, 7 shiny 1 peso coins. The taxi driver actually gave me my change. I guess i got used to the cabs here in Manila where the word "change" isn't in the dictionary. From now on, I will always demand for my change.


Saturday, Boyfriend and i were up by 545am. Went to the lobby for breakfast and was on a cab to the Pier by 7am. Left Cebu at 8 and was in Bohol by 930 via Supercat. Had my picture taken with 5 or 6 tarsier monkeys all over me. It was creepy at first but they're harmless. One of them was the tarsier monkey featured in the PLDT Fonekard. They're so cute and weird at the same time. I fed them crickets!

But the highlight of the trip was the Loboc River Cruise. Loboc River is the cleanest river in the Philippines. My boyfriend rented 1 boat for us. The boat is sort of like a floating restaurant. There are a lot of tables set up and lunch is served during the cruise. Lunch was composed of Grilled chicken, blue marlin, shrimps, grilled eggplant, rice and seafood soup. There's also dessert and buko juice served in a coconut pa! All that food for 175/head. I totally forgot about my diet. Hehe. But the Loboc river is really really nice and clean. The end of the river will lead you to a waterfall. Absolutely blissful and may i say, romantic.

Also went to see the Baclayon Church, Loboc Church and the Blood Compact Monument. And of course, a trip to Bohol won't be complete without buying Peanut Kisses. Yuummmmyyy!!!

We left Bohol at 330 and was back in Cebu at around 5pm.

I had a blast in Cebu and a big part of me wants to live there. There's nothing there that you won't find in Manila. And the beaches are just 2-3 hours away. People are nice and the city is clean. I really felt sad on the plane back here. Will definitely go back. I'll post some pictures as soon as i get them developed.

The Philippines is a very beautiful country. If we could all just take time to discover it instead of leaving it.

Back to work.

Bunny @ Monday, September 23, 2002

Thursday, September 19, 2002

My body's here but my mind is already in Cebu. My flight is at 730am tomorrow. I won't be able to sleep tonight, I'm sure. (I'm always like this the night before a flight) Excited na akooooooo!!!

Tag Pila Ni? (How much?) Obvious bang matakaw ako? Hehe.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 19, 2002

Wednesday, September 18, 2002


Went to the premiere in Galleria last night. It's a must-see. Amazing story. And the cinematography, my gawd, the shots were all beautiful! Everyone played their roles really well, as in the acting was perfect (Super galing ni Tom Hanks, Jude Law and Paul Newman). I have nothing but praise for this film.

I particularly liked Jude Law's character who plays a good hitman and photographer who loves taking pictures of dead people (he loves the pictures so much, he frames them and hangs them on the wall). Sick hobby.

Guys, you REALLY REALLY REALLY have to watch this. This movie is on my "Favorite Movies of All Time" list. I swear, its the best film this year, so far. Hay ganda talaga.

Lintik lang ang walang ganti!

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Tuesday, September 17, 2002


The weather is weird. It was scorching hot this morning but right now, as i look outside my office window, its all dark and gray. And to think that its only 3 in the afternoon.

Shit, i have to meet my boyfriend in Galleria in 3 hours to watch the premiere of Road to Perdition. Hhhmm....I hope the rain stops soon.

Here in Manila, a little rain results in deep floods therefore causing, heavy traffic.

Oh my gawd, Bea! The service road might be flooded again.

*looks at office window again overlooking Paseo de Roxas Avenue*

Like i said, its already traffic. As in bumper to bumper traffic. And its only 3pm. *sigh*

Bunny @ Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Monday, September 16, 2002

I don't usually take these online tests but this one seemed interesting...


Bunny @ Monday, September 16, 2002

A little late for Friday Five but what the hell...

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?
English. English Literature. History. I also liked Chemistry (gasp!) but i only really liked the laboratory part. I got a kick out of mixing all those chemicals together.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
In highschool, it was my history prof, Mr. Azor. He just explained World History soooo well, it was so easy to understand. And my english Prof, Ms. Mendoza. She was such a sweet person and she recognized my efforts ALL THE TIME.

In college, it was my Political Science prof, Mr. Mamasabulod (Mr. Mama for short). He's my favorite coz we really became good buddies.

3. What is your favorite memory of school?
Hanging out with friends at the Sanlo Park. Cutting classes to watch movies. Coffee at Figaro while people-watching.

4. What was your favorite recess game?
Pepsi-7up, Mother, may i cross the bridge, 10-20 (chinese garter), jackstones (i was so good at this before)

5. What did you hate most about school?
Algebra, Statistics (i liked this a teeny weeny bit) and Accounting. Basta anything that had to do with numbers.

Bunny @ Monday, September 16, 2002


Saw Illusione in Greenbelt last Friday with Charo and Gino. What fun!

Ticketworld got our 500 peso tickets all fucked up, they had no choice but to give us the 800 peso tickets. mwahahahahaha! It was FUNNY and they were really good (except for the one who imitated Madonna. That was soo bad). Was worth the moolah.

I'm leaving for Cebu in 4 days. I'm sooo excited to just get away from this city!!!

Bunny @ Monday, September 16, 2002

Poke the Bunny. Hehe. Aliw lang.

Bunny @ Monday, September 16, 2002

Wednesday, September 11, 2002


I love Harry Potter. I think its an amazing book and i can't wait for the 5th book to come out but for the life of me, WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE THEY THINKING when they came out with The Nimbus 2000 Broom? It VIBRATES!

Funny Customer Review:
We're about to wear this toy out, it's so great!, September 2, 2002
Reviewer: BarrelO'Monkeys from New Orleans, LA USA
I think the Nimbus 2000 is perfect for any age; Harry Potter fan or not! (But really, who isn't a Harry Potter fan?)
I'm 32 and enjoy riding the broom as much as my 12 yr old and 7 year old. The vibrations, along with the swooshing sounds make for a very magical journey! It is a very durable toy, as well. My only complaint is, I wish the batteries didn't run out quite so quickly!
This toy is a wonderful escape into a world of imagination!

I'm not buying you, EVER.

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 11, 2002


Last Year:

My boyfriend and i were at my house waiting for Sex and the City to start when his psycho ex (who i used to hate but now just feel pity for) texted him: "Watch CNN now!"

Me to boyfriend: *switches to CNN* Why is she texting you...OH MY GAWD!!!

Shocked. Dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. Unbelievable.

How could they? Whoever was behind the 9/11 attacks will go to hell and eat Lucifer's shit.

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Monday, September 09, 2002

I was browsing through my image files in my PC and found this picture of me (the one who's tounge is sticking out), my sister (licking icing from her birthday candles) and my cousins who lived next door ever since we were born but migrated to the states in 1992. I miss them a lot. These boys taught me how to watch wrestling, play trump cards, climb trees and do all those boy stuff. I'd like to believe that because of them, boys have always found it easy hanging out with me.

I've always been "bungisngis"! I always laugh my heart out!

Bunny @ Monday, September 09, 2002

Friday, September 06, 2002


Stolen from Mac

Do you have anything that glows in the dark? The ceiling in my bedroom has glow in the dark stars.

When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? On.

Do you like to be bitten? Nooooooo!!!!

Do you buy bandaids? Only when i need them.

Do you tend to live in the past or present? Present. I let go of the past.

Do you watch ballet? Yeah, i've seen some but i'm not much of a fan.

Do you believe in magic? Nope.

Have you ever had surgery? Nevah.

Do you know which signs in the zodiac you are compatible with? Nope. I don't even think you should base your compatibility with a person on zodiac signs.

Do you know what gelatin is made out of? Agar, right?

Do you have nightmares frequently? Not really. i think my last nightmare was a few months ago.

Do you worship celebrities? Gawd, No.

Do you know any gang members? None.

Do you like your nose? NO. But i can live with it.

Would you feed a dog under the table? Nope. He'll get used to it kasi eh.

Do you like abstract art? Yeah, i appreciate abstract art.

Do you think you can draw well? Can somebody say FRUSTRATION? I can't draw to save my life.

Do you listen to music daily? Of course!

Which sense would you give up if you were forced to? Maybe the sense of smell

Do you think you create your own reality? I guess...

Do you snore? Only when i'm really really really tired.

Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? on my back. sometimes, on my side.

Do you like the idea of breast implants? No. Be happy with what you have.

Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? Rottweiler!

Do you lick stamps? Yeah, if there's no glue.

What disease do you fear the most? Hhmm..anything fatal.

Do you pray? yes, before i go to bed at night.

What do lemmings do? Uhmm...DUH. mwehehehe!

Do u want to be baked in a pie? Why would i want to do that?

Do you use an electric can opener? Nope.

Do you have a lot of endurance? YES!

Have you ever gone river rafting? Not yet. i wanna try though.

Have you ridden in a hot air balloon? *jumps up and down* i want, i want!

Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain? Emotional. Physical pain heals faster.

Do you have live plants in your house? yep!

Do you think balding men should shave their heads? No.

Do you know anyone who is clinically depressed ? My aunt used to be clinically depressed but she's ok now.

When do you start the water before or after you get in? Before.

Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottles? Uh huh.

Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex? Ay ang ganda!

Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings? when i was a kid.

Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower? Nyeaah!

Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot? Yes, and my gawd, it hurt!

How old do you look while wet and when a towel is the only thing on your body? I look like Elizabeth Hurley when she was 23. Convincing ba? ehehehehe!

What's the last song you sang in the shower? Magasin by Eraserheads. Last Song Syndrome eh. But i hum lang.

What kind of soap do you use? Earth Therapeutics Honey and Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap

What color is your shower? Shower what? curtain? its beige.

What color is your towel? White with green and blue stripes.

Do you shave in the shower? Yes.

Does your shower have a seat in it? Over, ha.

Have you ever been walked in on while you were showering? Nopers.

Do you have the anti-slip sticky pads on the floor of your shower? I should get one of those. Where can i buy kaya?

Do you wear a robe around the house after your shower? Nope.

Do you get dressed in the bathroom after your shower? Only if there are other people in the room. But normally, i dress up in my room.

Bunny @ Friday, September 06, 2002

Friday Five!

1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why? People who talk and don't put their cellphones on silent mode when inside a theatre. I don't care if the movie hasn't started and they're just showing the trailers. Its called etiquette. Manners. Be sensitive and considerate to other people watching. I also hate people who bring their kids to a movie that isn't for kids. Like, just this week while watching Signs, some toddler started to cry in the middle of the film. Grrrr!!!

2. What irritating habits do you have? I used to bite my nails. And then, 2 years ago, for reasons i dont know, i just stopped. I love my nails now. My boyfriend says i have really nice hands. But then now, i sometimes bite my inner lip especially when i'm engrossed in something (like typing this entry). Hehe!

3. Have you tried to change the irritating habits or just let them be? Like i said, i'm glad i got rid of my nail biting. This thing about my innner lip, i'm still working on it.

4. What grosses you out more than anything else? Why? Hhhmm....there are a million gross things in this world. I think cockroaches are gross. Anything dirty is gross.

5. What one thing can you never see yourself doing that other people do? Spit on the street. Yuuccccckkkk!!! That's another gross thing!

Bunny @ Friday, September 06, 2002

Thursday, September 05, 2002

If you love books and plan on going to The Philippine Book Fair, bring lotsa cash (they also accept credit cards).Otherwise, it will be pure torture. I saw so many books that i wanted to buy but they were so expensive.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 05, 2002


Its soooo hot here!!! I miss Boracay! I miss Janet's (Gorio's)La Pinay and Funtastyc Crepes, Edgar's (Caribo) caldereta and sinigang, Pink Patio's chicken and spicy chinese vegtables, Hey Jude's Pizzas, True Food's Chicken Tandoori, Jony's shakes and hanging out at Bombom Bar.

If i can still afford it, I'll try to go see you on Halloween.

Bunny @ Thursday, September 05, 2002

Wednesday, September 04, 2002


I was so bored at work yesterday that i decided to send an email to my Uncle Freddie(who hates it when i call him Uncle because it makes him feel old and besides, he's only in his early 30's. We're like buddies! ) who's lived in San Francisco forever but comes here to visit once in a while. One of the things i love about him is he LOVES techie gadgets and before he comes to visit, he asks me what i want. The last time he was here (around 2 years ago), he gave me a Palm Pilot. On his next visit, i'm asking for a digicam. Hehe!

Anyways, Freddie married his long time girlfriend, Thao (she's a beautiful vietnamese woman) last year. And the last time i emailed him, i asked him if Thao was pregnant yet, he replied and said that she still wasn't.

And this morning, in his email, he tells me he's been sending me tons of email but it keeps on bouncing back. He was sending me email in my old email addie which isn't working anymore. This is the fun part...I have a new cousin!!!! And he's gorgeous!!!

Meet Dylan..

I wanna smother you with kisses!


I wanna pinch!!!

Bunny @ Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Tuesday, September 03, 2002


I don't really mind watching horror/thriller movies as long as they're not the type that can happen to you in real life. I can take anything gory or morbid like heads being chopped off or a person being axed while his insides are beginning to show. I didn't even find Exorcist a bit scary, just gross. But please please please, i beg you, do not ever make me watch a horror/thriller that can happen to me in real life.

Like Sixth Sense. It took me 3 whole months to get over this film. I couldn't pee at night, couldn't take a shower without the bathroom door open (so i can scream in case i see something and someone can easily come running for me), couldn't stay in the dark alone. That movie's effect on me was psychological. It haunted me. And to this day, i still don't think i can watch the whole film with eyes wide open. *shiver*

Last night, i met up with some friends for dinner. The rest of us wanted to watch Jologs but our male friend, Bingo doesn't watch tagalog movies (pa-conyo pa kasi) so we opted for Signs instead.

M. Night Shyamalan already scared me to death before. I was frightened he would do it again.

NOT. *whew*

For the first time ever, i saw a thriller/suspense film that made me laugh not just once, but a lot of times. i did scream in like 3 or 4 scenes but it wasn't scary. At all.

My sister who was beside me was so funny because she was so scared, she whispered to me: "Ate Buns, lets leave the theatre na. lets watch jologs na lang. i'll pay!". We all just laughed silently at her.

After the film, my sister goes to me, "Its a good thing we always have water in our room." (you won't get this until you've seen the film)

You don't scare me anymore, Mr. Shyamalan.

M. Night Shyamalan also stars in the film
as the guy who accidentally killed Mel Gibson's wife.

Bunny @ Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I got a massage yesterday at Let's Face It in Legaspi cor. Dela Rosa St. (this is their newest branch. i believe they also have a branch in megamall) So cheap! they only charged me 312 bucks for the whole hour!

The downside: No shower, no sauna. Which I really don't mind because i just want/need a massage badly. That really felt good! Will probably go back next week.

Bunny @ Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Monday, September 02, 2002


I want to watch Jologs. (there i said it!) Blue Arden says its good.

Pls. don't laugh at me. Let's watch? Hehe!

Bunny @ Monday, September 02, 2002

Everytime i'm in Megamall (which is pretty often) and see Watson's (its a store with lotsa lotsa kikay stuff), there's an invisible force that pulls me inside. And i can't can't can't leave the store without buying anything.

Yesterday, i was magnetized once again. Bought Johnson & Johnson's Baby Milk Bath. Tried it last night before i went to bed. It smells soooo good and the smell really stays on your skin. I super love it! And its only 64 bucks for a 200 ml bottle! I feel soooo bango today!

Bunny @ Monday, September 02, 2002

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