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Wednesday, January 30, 2002


So i woke up earlier than usual this morning (630am) coz I had to meet Leeds, Joel and Raj at Capiz Cafe. Had to furnish them with some documents they need for AMI. I had some breakfast composed of toast, scrambled eggs and hotdog plus some coffee to perk me up. Dashed for my office at around 9 to meet with Jendy. Then we rushed to QC for a client meeting.

Had to meet someone at Greenbelt at 1pm so I had lunch there. Was back at the office by 3pm. I have never checked my emails so late.

I'm starving. Had a bit of pasta over lunch and I've been running around the city and the office the whole day. Wonder where I'll have dinner tonight.

Got a call from Aldo earlier. The gang's going out tonight but I'm not sure yet if i can go. Hope Leeds can come if ever. really tired...sign off for now.

Bunny @ Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Tuesday, January 29, 2002


My male bestfriend, Aldo is home at last. He arrived from the States last Sunday. He's in Manila to attend his sister's wedding. Sad thing that he's only staying here for a couple of weeks. The whole group is actually forcing him to move his flight to a later schedule so we can all go out on a weekend. He wants to go to the beach but no one's available on a weekday since everyone has school or has work. Too bad.

We met for lunch yesterday morning. What a blast it was! After not seeing each other for almost 2 years...we were like babbling away. I mean, although we do email each other regulary, there's still a big difference when you're in the flesh.

He grew his hair long...well, not looong long..its just longer and it looks messy. It looks like a bird's nest! Hahaha! I told him to get a haircut.
So far, he's still the same Aldo i know. Super funny!!! I kept on forcing him to speak to me in English with an accent coz I'm sure he's already acquired one but he kept on talking to me in Tagalog.

Don't know when I'll see him again, definitely this week though.

Leeds and I are taking his friend, John out for dinner and some drinks tonight. John is also from the States, film student and looking for some stints here. He says he's giving himself 3 months in the country to find a job or something. Guy seems nice.

Bunny @ Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Saturday, January 26, 2002

Leeds and I met up with Shirley for dinner last night at New Bombay Canteen in Dela Costa. As usual, I got my favorite Mutton Curry and Leeds got the Chicken Tikka. It was Shirley's 1st time there and she got the goat with almond. It was somewhat similar to my curry. She also tried the Lassi...some yoghurt drink that tastes kinda weird. Made of buttermilk if I'm correct.

After dinner, we headed to our usual hang-out...Flute. Since I've been craving for red wine the whole week, I decided to get one. After 4 glasses of red wine, I decided to just get a bottle of beer. I got really tipsy. Leeds and Shirley kept on telling me that we should head home because I was already drunk. And so we did.

When i got inside the car, i reclined my chair. WRONG MOVE!!! After a few seconds, i grabbed a plastic bag at the back of the car, removed its contents and barfed. We needed to stop for some gas so leeds took me out for a little walk to get the buzz off. Ha! Didn't work! I barfed some more on the way home. Yeah's gross I know! We stopped by a convenience store so he could get me some water..i drank a bit then barfed again....barf barf barf..all the way home. Sounds like that piggy who cried wee wee wee, huh?

Hunny called my sister to meet me at our gate so she could accompany me to the room. I plopped on my bed immediately. Then I sat up..and barfed on my pillow. Yuck! My sister was screaming.."go to the bathroom!" but i just couldn't move a muscle. She got my pillow and gave me another one. Then i dozed off......

No hangovers so far when i woke up this morning (still wearing my clothes from last night, hehe!)

Moral Lesson: Don't mix red wine with beer. Ü

Bunny @ Saturday, January 26, 2002

Friday, January 25, 2002

Leeds and I watched "Ocean's 11" last night. I actually watched it on VCD already but the copy wasn't that clear so I just had to watch it again in the big screen. Hunny and i loved the soundtrack....totally chill out.

i feel bad for Andy Garcia's character in the filn though. I mean, he didnt do anything bad..he was just a businessman who was making millions from his casino and these bunch of guys suddenly rob him of his money and his girl. Oh well..c'est la vie. Things can get shitty.

Bunny @ Friday, January 25, 2002

Thursday, January 24, 2002

I love this essay. It's so true.

by Karen Kunawicz

Ever come across this zen koan that JD Salinger used in one of his books?

You know, the one that asks what is the sound of one hand clapping. I don't know the answer to that one. But ask me what's the sound of one heart breaking and I might have an answer. Welcome to the dark side of love.

What is the sound of one heart breaking?

It is the sound of someone curled up in a tiny ball crying softly in the night, the sound of the first unwanted teardrop touching your skin, it's the sound of a telephone that doesn't ring, the sound of regret pounding inside your brain with every heartbeat, it's the whispers of the toy animals he gave you.

It's the shuffling of feet walking away from you, the sound of your soul shattering into a million pieces at recognizing the word "goodbye," it's the soundtrack of memories torturing you, it's the sound of feeble hands trying to push back the obstinate hands of time, it's the sound of a cherub's dying breath, the sound of all those years disappearing in the vortex of Cupid's kitchen sink, it's the unrelenting, plaintive baby meows of an abandoned kitten outside an ignoring door.

It's the sound of the rain that doesn't ever stop, the sound of all the doors in the world shutting and closing in your face at the same time, of raging, howling storms in the night when there's no one there to hold you, the sound of your voice as it screams back at you, the echo of "I love you" burning holes in you, the sound your heart makes as it tells you to lie still because nothing you will ever do will matter without love.

The sound of the waves at the polluted beach you went to as it moves from the shore and crashes inside your mind, of the sniffles that make up your pathetic "SOS-to-the-world," the cracking of the brittle black-red
petals from the sidewalk vendor roses he gave, the sound of the music he used to make going to your gut.

The sound of things in your room being thrown around and landing on the floor, the caress of sharpened kitchen knives on skin, the sound your throat makes as you swallow your saltiest tear. It's the sound of your own voice calling out to someone who isn't there, of winged creatures dying and falling on a city pavement, of terms of endearment used a hundred times a day struggling to crawl into a vacuum of forgetfulness, it's the sound of your own sobs keeping you company, it's the cold, uncaring stillness of the air you share your space with.

Destruction isn't always as noisy as bombs exploding. Sometimes the ultimate catastrophes are as quiet as feather falling on the floor of a Zen monastery. No one else can really hear your heart breaking except you.

Bunny @ Thursday, January 24, 2002

I almost lost him last night.

I almost lost the man i want to spend the rest of my life with, the future father of my children.

How could i have been so shallow? so illogical and unreasonable. I suddenly found myself to be exactly like those other girls I used to laugh at. Petty, silly, unreasonably jealous girls. The last thing I wanna be is them.

I dont want to lose Leeds. Not now...not ever.

Thank God Leeds and I still have each other. That we refused to let go...that we gave it another chance.

Bunny @ Thursday, January 24, 2002

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I want a dog! Gawd, i miss Wyleen.

Who would be nice enough to give me a dog? shar-pei, pug, cocker spaniel, golden retriever, labrador, I'LL TAKE ANYTHING!!!!!!! As long as its a dog.

Bunny @ Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Okay...I'm sorry I haven't been putting in any entries for the longest time. I was pretty busy last week. Leeds' mom was here the whole week and we took her out every night. She isn't in Manila that often plus she's a superb person (i like her very much). The weekend was pretty relaxing. Nothing of those noisy and smoke-gets-in-your-eyes bars. Leeds and I just met up with Shirley, Kookie and Roswell at Grilla after bringing Tita back to her hotel. After that, Leeds and I had another round of drinks at Wasabi then we headed home.

It was Gina's birthday last Sunday. Met up with her for awhile in Ateneo after Leeds' soccer practice. She's still the cool person that she is.

I bought this really really nice evening shawl. Its basically black with specs of silver. Goes beautifully with my black dress.

I have dysmenorrhea today!!!!! I didnt have the strength to report for work this morning. My legs were aching all over!!! I left the house just before noon, met up with hunny for coffee then walked to my office. Another boring day........or am i just lazy? Ü

Bunny @ Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Friday, January 18, 2002

Got this from email.... its really funny and its sooooooo true...

I love women. I grew up with them. I grew up around them. I have known
them as sisters, friends, lovers and colleagues. Why, I even have one
for a mother. Yet despitehaving spent all my life with women, I have yet to fully understand what goes on in their pretty little heads. Like what that book said, women are from a totally different planet.

Just to show how different men are from women, try searching for
"annoying habits of women" on the Internet. The first 30 choices would
show a list of annoying habits of men and not women. Why? Because women would do exactly that...list the guy's annoying habits and distribute it among her girl friends. Men usually don't make lists of
the annoying habits of the women in their lives. (Even if they did, they'd probably forget about it.)

Just to be fair, I think women ought to know what ticks us off, don't you think?

10. Travelling in Packs

I could never understand this about you women. Why must you go around accompanied by other women? You know how hard it is for guys to strike up a conversation when your girl friend is giving you a suspicious look? Guys would have to wait for one of you to break from the pack to begin an approach-kinda like lions stalking gazelles.

And if we do dare approach one of you in a pack sooner or later one of
your girl friends would go-"Let's go to the washroom." I never realized that going to the bathroom was a group activity.

I have been informed that women talk when they're inside the washroom. Okay maybe they do need to go to the bathroom but that probably takes five minutes tops. The next 10 minutes goes to chika. About what? Practically about anything.

Which leads us to...

9. Over-analysis
Women love to talk. You can talk about anything. Your favorite approach though is dissecting every single bit of information in a dialogue. What he said. What exactly did he mean by it. How did he say it. Can't you take anything for what it is? It's not like we're doing an exegesis of the Bible or anything. When we say "Hey let's have lunch" we mean "Let's-get-food-together". It's not "Let's get food together so
I can jump your bones". Nah we don't do that. (Not all of us anyway.) A
real guy, one who you can truly respect, would say what he wants outright.

8. Kikay-ness

Okay, I know most of you like cutesy stuff. Things with big eyes.
Anthropomorphic things. Things with fur. Once in a while we can appreciate the cute stuff. It's a dreary world and a lot of bad things are happening and yes we'd like to see cute, funny things once in awhile.

But please there's such a thing as overdoing it. Insisting of having
everything in purple is not cute. Having PowerPuff underwear might be
cute and even sexy but insisting on calling you Buttercup when you're 35 is downright scary.

7. License to Drool

How come it's okay for you to drool at Tom Cruise or that Legolas
character from "Lord of the Rings" but if I even mention Assunta de
Rossi or Angelina Jolie you start developing a pout?

And speaking of double-standards...

6. You Against Us

Everytime two or more women gather together, why does it have to turn
into Men vs Women? Eventually the discussion devolves into "Don't you
hate it when he..." or "Guy kasi eh." Sure I'm for equality between sexes but come on! The Bra-burning 60s and the Girl Power 90s are over and done with. You're getting the recognition you deserve so please don't get Womyn on us and pounce, ok? You don't have to turn
everything into a gender issue. We're on the same side.

5. The Phone Trap

Stop insisting that I say "I love you" over the phone. Because you don't
know who may be within earshot and it won't help if I get mushy with you right now. (Especially if you ask me to say it in the Elmer Fudd voice.)

4. Stop Feeding Us!

Or more specifically, stop asking us to finish your food. Once in awhile
it's okay to do it but if everytime we eat out, we end up finishing that
whole plate of pasta you ordered maybe you'd better rethink next time you order.

And then you complain about how our stomachs start spilling over our

3. We're Not Mind Readers

When we ask you what's wrong, we need you to tell us. It doesn't help
if you just respond with "You should know." We won't be asking if we knew right?

Knowing what you want is well and good. Communicating it however is an entirely, equally important task. It would be a big help if you don't
keep us guessing. We don't have your intuition.

2. Nag

Sometimes the surest way for a guy not to do anything you ask him to
do is for you to remind him over and over again. You know what goes on a guy's head when you nag him? He unconsciously blocks off what you're saying-like adultspeak in those Charlie Brown cartoons. It becomes background noise and naturally it will be forgotten.

The tip is to look at a guy straight in the eye and ask if he has done
that thing you were asking him to do. If he answers negatively, just say
'uh-huh.' And walk away. Which will bring up #3 on our list. If he asks you what's wrong then you can tell him what he hasn't done yet. That way, you don't nag.

1. The Trick Question

It's not fair to ever ask us the question: "Do I look fat?" Any answer
to that question spells trouble. We say no, and you'll say we're patronizing. We say yes, and you accuse of being mean and that we don't love you anymore. What's a poor guy to do?

Bunny @ Friday, January 18, 2002

Some lines from one of my favorite books, Tuesdays with Morrie

sometimes, you can't believe what you see
you have to believe what you feel
and if you are ever going to have other people trust you,
you must feel that you can trust them too -
even when you're in the dark,
even when you're fallin...

life is a series of pulls back and forth
you want to do one thing
but you are bound to do something else
something hurts you -
yet you know it shouldn't
you take certain things for granted
even when you know you should never take anything for granted - a tension of opposites -
like a pull on a rubberband
and most of us live somewhere in the middle.

our hearts can only feel & they can be very deceitful,
this is the reason why we have to close our eyes when our passion sweeps over us like a gust of wind...
if we don't, raging emotions will blind us and
keep us from making sensible decisions...
let us use more of our heads than our hearts when we are overwhelmed by passion
so that we can clearly see the path clouded by feelings
out to mislead our relationships to their untimely death...

Bunny @ Friday, January 18, 2002

Thursday, January 17, 2002

This morning, like always..i was in a rush. Rush to take a bath, choose what I'm going to wear, get dressed, prepare my running clothes (my hunny and i are going jogging after work), etc. I didnt even have time to blow dry my hair. I just tied in a pony tail. When I was on my way out of the house, I stopped by the kitchen and my tummy reminded me how hungry I was. Normally, I'd just brush it off and go my way but not today. I made myself some chicken noodles...plopped on the couch and watched TV while eating. I really took my time. Haven't done that in LOOOOONNNGGG time. It felt good. I left my house full and contented. I had to rush back though coz I forgot to bring socks. wahahahahahaha!!!

Had dinner with my hunny's mom last night and some of her friends from work. We ate at Banana Leaf Curry House in Greenbelt. *drooling* Gawd, i had so much!

I really like my boyfriend's mom....actually i love his parents. They're so simple and nice and everything good. I hope they like me too.

Spoke to my client today. Merger talks still aren't finished. I hope they don't merge....because if they do...the top honco I'm dealing with right now will be off his seat! tsk tsk tsk.

Life's a bitch.

Bunny @ Thursday, January 17, 2002

Wednesday, January 16, 2002


Bunny @ Wednesday, January 16, 2002

I promise to work harder tomorrow...Ü

Bunny @ Wednesday, January 16, 2002

there is something wrong..just let me fix this.........

Bunny @ Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Arrrggghhh!!!! Just spoke to my client. My meeting's cancelled....dammit!!!!

Bunny @ Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Yaaaaaayyyyy!!! My blog is just how i want it. It's finally fixed.

Had dinner at Superbowl of China last night. Was a pretty heavy dinner composed of Crispy noodles with pork tausi and crisy lemon chicken. Notice that everything's "Crispy"? Whats up with that?

I went home after that. Watched "The Whole Nine Yards" but didnt finish it (was too sleepy). Carla and Bianca dropped by the house last night to borrow some of my beach stuff. They're leaving for Boracay today. Actually, they're probably there now. Lent them my purple bikini that i dont wear that often anymore, 2 sarongs, 3 sundresses, a couple of bags and a pair of slippers.

Got a very important client meeting today. Need to discuss some stuff regarding our company's launch. Its so hard when your boss isn't based in the country, but hey, its got its perks!

Oh my gawd! I almost forgot. I still have to go to the bank and get my money! Shucks! I'm leaving........

Bunny @ Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Had a scrumptious dinner at The New Bombay Canteen with Leeds. We had our usual favorite, Mutton Curry (Goat Curry) and we tried the Chicken Masala. The goat was fabulous as always and the chicken was delightful. It was spicy! We had 1 cup and a half of rice each. ehehehehe! There goes my weight loss program out the window.

I cant seem to get this blog thing. How come my new posts go to the archive?!? Isnt it supposed to go to the main page? And how come my archive template is different from my index template? I meant for my archive template to be the one in the main page. Uggghhh! I'll never get the hang of this.

Bunny @ Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Monday, January 14, 2002

The annoying guy from my office is here. Blech! I'm signing off.

Bunny @ Monday, January 14, 2002

Another Monday is about to end. Thank God! Garfield was so right about the I-hate-Mondays thing.

It was a riot this morning! I woke up 2 hours late (9am). Can you believe that? To top it all off, my hair is a mess! Didn't have much time to get it blowdried. What a way to start the week!!! Grrrrr..........

Had a pretty good weekend though. SATURDAY, i just stayed home the whole afternoon..was actually hoping my Hunny would see me but he was moving stuff to their new house so he was pretty busy. My friends Mark and Monica were throwing their birthday party that night at a friend's house so that's where I went. Almost everyone kept on telling me I gained weight..RUB IT IN!!!! I'm definitely going on a diet from now till summer.

Aaahhhh..summer! Can't wait for Holy Week. I miss Boracay! I'm so excited to go back to the island!

Had Lunch with my hunny today. I ate so much! Had tocino and pork adobo with egg and a slice of swiss cake (from Becky's kitchen, of course!) and coffee for desert. He says I eat too much...heehehe! true in the world will I lose weight with this appetite of mine?!?

Bunny @ Monday, January 14, 2002

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